I Tried The 1nkey List So You Don’t Have To

I Tried The 1nkey List So You Don’t Have To

If you can’t tell by my entire blog dedicated to self improvement and skin care. I’m a skin care fanatic, ever since I was in my early teens I was mixing mud and eggs together to make a mask. When I tell you I know what I’m, I know. Recently my skin has been looking dull and I’ve been seeing signs of aging.

While exfoliating works I needed something stronger that’s going to actually treat the issue.. like retinol. I cant tell you how many side eyes I get when I go in to the store and ask about anti aging. I’ve been doing anti aging since I was 21 this the reason why I don’t look as if I need it. Anyway retinol isn’t just for anti aging its basically a “cure all”. You can the benefit of retinol are..

With that being said if retinol is something you’re curious about its typically safe for most skin types but always do a patch test. Most importantly wear sunscreen. You should be doing it anyway but retinol can make your skin way more sensitive to the sun and make dark spots darker.

I started using this one from I’m not sure how I like this to me the color is off. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and theres been no texture changes. I know two weeks isnt a super long time. However, you should notice something different.

I’m going to give The 1nkey List another week. I’ve found a new retinol oil that I want to try but I don’t want to mix because I want the true results. Have you ever tried the 1ne report? What did you think?

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