How To Style Sting Lights Like An Ault

Home, Living / Monday, June 4th, 2018

As you’re well aware by now I’ve moved into a new apartment finally! By the time I left my old place, I only had one working lamp and wasn’t interested in shopping for a new one. I already had 3 rows of LED lights at my disposal and didn’t want to toss them.

I put them up quickly in my room to have some light. As I watched their beautiful glow from my bed I wondered am I too old for this? I know I’m by no means old but I’m too old for the lights? Maybe I should get some adult lighting. But I really didn’t want to get a lamp, I don’t have much floor space and I really wanted a softer feel in my room.

So I googled to see if there’s some way to use my string lights in a more mature way. I found some serious LED lights for my string light lovers on Pintrest and Instagram.

It looks like the key is what you surround the lights with.

Go for more natural colors and try to avoid making the lights the focal point of the room.

Pretty simple right? I’ll show you guys in a later post what I did but here’s where I got my inspo.

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