Best Crystals for Beginners

Best Crystals for Beginners
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When it comes to crystals healing it’s pretty hard to know what to get and even harder to stop. But everything that starts off difficult is worth the work for a huge payoff and I’m here to help guide you through the confusing world of crystals.


In this article, I will tell you what crystals will be beneficial to you based off of what you might need and what your symptoms might be. Let’s go…


If you’re feeling out of touch, Moonstone is your friend…

Moonstone is good for pulling you deeper into your feelings and has the power to foster a greater sense of romance between you and your partner.


If you’re feeling uninspired Amethyst is for you

Being a multipurpose crystal its healing for all symptoms but when it comes to the need for inspiration, Amethyst is your go to. It has a deep connection to the imagination and it’ll boost your creativity. This stone is perfect for the office or the area you need to think or even under your pillow to help with dreams.


If you’re feeling too emotional then go to Rainbow Obsidian 

This stone is believed to help you release of staging emotion or feelings of loss. This stone is perfect for your bedroom and forms a very bonding relationship with you because it cares so much about your emotions. The closure you are to the stone the better the effects.


When you need to feel the sunshine it’s time for Citrine

This is the stone that has been shown to improve optimism and make room for newer and brighter things.


When you need an energy boost… and you’re out of coffee Grab Garnet

This stone is set to improve energy focus and drive! Keep it with you always.

Time To Relax? Time for fluorite

IT has soothing properties that help you fully unwind and end the day. It’s best to keep this stone in the bathroom or with you during meditation to help ease the mind.

Keep your vibe try Black Tourmaline

This powerful absorbing crystal is great to keep in your doorway or anywhere you need to prevent negative vibes from entering your now peaceful environment.

When you need love You need Rose Quartz

More than just a pretty crystal on Instagram this crystal helps open your heart and invoke the power of love and passion in your life.

Looking for Success? Pyrite!

Not to be confused with Pirate it has the frequency of gold and wealth but it’s also reflective, so it makes you reflect on your career and finances. It helps you keep your eyes on the prize.

Time to get healthy? Time for Shungite

Shungite helps clears your body of bad energy and provides clarity so you can rethink your choices and focus on what you need to get healthy.

Feeling unlucky? Jandro

Need a boost of luck while playing the lottery? Grab this stone it holds the power of wealth and money and opportunities. Keep this one close to you.

There are plenty of shops on Esty that provide sets of healing crystals that you can always search for.


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