Your Guide To Understanding Singing Bowls

Your Guide To Understanding Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are exactly new, they’ve been used in meditative and yoga practices for eons. I just haven’t really been to a practice where one was actually but I’m seeing them more and more on Instagram and twitter, so I thought now is a good of time as any to learn more about them so here we go.

Where Did Singing Bowls Originate & What Are They Used For?

Singing bowls originated thousands of years ago from the Far East and were made from the metals of the time probably brass, copper, or tin, which were common metals back then. They were primarily used as a form of communication to the mind-body and spirit. Seeing how music can affect our moods and our sense of being it’s believed that playing a certain note can help calm our mind, help us find our center, and connect with our chakras.

How To Use Them Properly

The teachers in Tibet would set up a pattern where the intervals between the notes would correspond with the appropriate chakra. The sound should be both soothing and relaxing and help you center.

Playing Your Singing Bowl

According to the bowl I received you must first tap your bowl to wake it up then you slowly run the mallet along the top rim ( you’ll have to do it a few times) to hear it sing.

If you’re like me and not a musician it’s helpful to download a music app and essentially playing various notes on your bowl and letting your phone pick up the sound so you can make sure you’re connecting the sound correctly.

For me, the movement is quite calming so I can do it while meditating. I’ll probably start my morning with it or do it before a yoga practice to cleanse the air and help me focus.

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