Your Guide To Mastering The Laundromat

Your Guide To Mastering The Laundromat

When I moved out of my mom’s house I had my old ratty hamper from highschool and a dream to make it in the city. With that, I moved into a sketchy apartment on the bad side of town. When it came time to do laundry I was lost. I did not want to do my laundry in that hell hole, they called a laundromat. You can tell like the rest of the building they didn’t take care of it. There was a brown puddle in the middle of the floor (that remained there till I moved) the machines were old and my neighbor admitted to having sex on the table in there. So I wasn’t very impressed. So I set out to find a laundromat of my very own. If you are like me or just don’t have a laundromat in your complex read on.

Before we start about laundromat etiquette and general tips lets talk about getting your clothes to and from the laundry mat.

Keep the load relatively light as possible

You don’t have to do it every week but it’s far easier to carry 1 or 2 loads than 3 or 4 to your car or uber. Also, remember you have pay for these loads of clothes to wash and for my area the average cost of a wash cycle is about 2 dollars. Do you really want to spend 6 dollars on just the wash? No dry. Yeah didn’t think so.

Next is The Hamper.

Mesh hamper

Aside from design, you want a hamper that isn’t going to really give you the option of overloading your clothes. Mine was about 5 dollars at Harris teeter. It only holds a load and has handles at the top so it’s easy to carry. Perfect, simple, not the chicest but I want another one just like it! You can also get them on Amazon for around the same price. I’ll link one similar to mine below.

Getting it there.

When I first used the laundromat I used trash bags. I hated the trash bags! When I would carry my laundry in them they would start to stretch and sag it was so annoying. On top of that, you can only use them once because of the sagging factor then your clothes would wrinkle when you put them back in. I was so frustrated. I also tried a bin and that was just heavy and bulky so no.

My recommended method. Either get a hamper like I have(buy here) because if you decide to fold at the laundry mat it’s wide enough for you to fit everything in to without wrinkling and super portable. Or you can use your luggage if you have any.

Ok, so we got you packed and ready to go. But wait how do you find your laundromat if you’re not using one at your apartment complex. Google it.

Always look at reviews and photos. Look hard at the washing machines to see if they take quarters or not. Surprisingly most of the ones I went to issue you a card or turn on the washer automatically after payment.

Another tip that I just learned along the way. Don’t wash clothes on Sunday. Everyone is washing clothes on Sunday finding a washer or dryer will be hellish and the crowd will make you want to wear your dirty leggings again. Weekdays are best and Saturdays are ok. If you want no crowds at all early Mondays are perfect.


Let’s lay some ground rules.

Don’t just leave your clothes there for hours it’s a public place, other people also need to wash their clothes.

Please be an adult about things, we all should know how to use a washer don’t overload it to the point of making it shake.

Don’t use every single washer for all small loads.

Or you can just use a friends washer and dryer..up to you

Do you have any Laundromat tips? What are some of go to’s? Would love to hear them.

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