You Want To Go Meatless? Here’s How To Do It!

You Want To Go Meatless? Here’s How To Do It!

Ever since my last post about me going Vegan I’ve gotten a few questions asking how to do it. I didn’t really know so many people would be curious about it, like thanks guys! So if you’re really curious keep reading and I’ll give you some tips!

Whenever you make a serious lifestyle change always have a solid reason behind it. I know alot of people will try to limit meat because they want to lose weight or be healthier. While those are great reasons, they’re not solid indisputable because you can be healthy and lose weight while eating meat. A truly solid reason like religious/spiritual or activist reason, something you can really hold on to will help you stay strong when temptations hit.

Find a support group. Mine is on Twitter I posted #Vegan and found an entire group of like minded individuals. They gave me great advice and motivation to keep me going. It doesn’t matter where you find them as long as you have someone in your corner when it gets tough.

Now that you have a group and a solid reason, educate yourself. This is why you need a really good reason because you’ll want to educate yourself on the cause or movement you’re standing behind. The education I received on veganism made me change my whole view on meat and dairy. When I first tried it I never turned my nose up if i forgot to ask for no cheese. Now if I forget I literally peel it off. This is all to keep you motivated.

After that look up different recipes to get you through that first week. Think about snacks, breakfast, dinner, lunch and everything in between. Doing this will insure you aren’t stuck with “I don’t know what to eat” question. And please just for me, don’t make your entire plate the color green! There are so many colorful and delicious food out there to try, you can eat a lot more than just salad.

Once you get through your first week you should be golden. If you can make it through a week, you can do a month, a year, and forever!

Good luck guys if you are going to make the changes! Can’t wait for your own journey.

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