Yes, You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here’s Why

Yes, You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here’s Why

Everyone likes to come home to a stress free house. After a long day it’s good to just unwind turn on Netflix and become a burrito and turn off the world. Its life as an “adult” in the new millennium and we’re all a little depressed but it’s all good. When you come home to that little glowing rock. You’re instantly calm and you’re not feeling so said as you eat gummy bears for dinner for the third time this week.

My Himalayan Salt lamp literally lifts my mood and removes all of those nasty toxics and bad vibes in my air. It’s so much more than great decor, its decor with a purpose.

I’ve had my salt lamp for a few years now. I can say when I do use it there is an air of calmness that washes over me. It makes me want to meditate at keep calm. When I am having a hard time sleeping I’ll turn it on and take some deep breaths. It works like a charm. Do you have a salt lamp? Or will you try it?

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