Yes, I SHAVED My Head (Almost) Bald Here’s What Happened

Yes, I SHAVED My Head (Almost) Bald Here’s What Happened

When I was younger I had shoulder-length hair. I always wanted to have long hair, I even opted for a long weave now called”inches” all majority of senior year. That was also the year when Rihanna came out with her pixie cut. I was literally obsessed with her but I wasn’t ready to go for that chop but now that I shaved my head I can’t believe that I ever hesitated.

I’m not really a hair girl. When I was younger I might have been but I never was obsessed with doing my hair. It wasn’t until junior year that I really went for having my own style and coming into my own. So I decided ti colored it strawberry blonde. But dyed it back black after a few months.

It wasn’t until I cut my hair into that iconic bob that Rihanna had that I fell in love with shorter hair. My hair looked healthy and full I really started to care for it. I would wrap it up every night and did weekly conditioning treatments.

short hair

Then I cut it into a pixie cut. I came to school with a hood up because I was so nervous until my friend (who’s still my best friend to this day) flung it off. Everyone was like loved it. Since then I never grew my hair out and didn’t really change my hairstyle too much. I tried coloring it again and it ended up horribly and my hair broke off, since then I haven’t touched it. I’ve enjoyed just waking up taking my scarf off and leaving. Pretty much doing my hair involved going to the salon to get a trim.

So now we come to today.

I wanted to do something different but I didn’t want a ton of work nor did I want to pay a bunch to get it done. I don’t care that much. I’ve been looking at Instagram (the devil’s playground) and saw so many girls rocking super short / shaved head look. I thought, why not?

shaved head

I found a barbershop with good reviews and went in. My barber took very good care of me and told me I had too much relaxer to cut it down that low but we could work something out. I left with a mohawk-type style that I molded down flat to my head so it looked cut. About two or 3 weeks later I went to a different (and cheaper) barber who I told cut it all off leaving just enough so my hair would wave up. He looked at me crazy but he did what I asked. He also told me how to go about getting waves and gave me a nice cut.

When I left I was proud that I went through with it. When I looked in the mirror at home I thought I looked like someone’s aunty. I felt that I looked really butch in y T-shirt and jeans. Even after molding and brushing it I still hated it. After a week or so when my hair grew out and my waves finally started coming in, I got more used to it. I feel like I’m coming into my own and my confidence is up. I did have to up my skin care (nothing to hide behind) and took my diet a bit more seriously. My goal was to lose weight in my face, and my chest so I looked less fluffy.


Before you go and shave your head please understand it’s more work than you think. I’m things that I was doing way back when I had hair and you notice a lot quicker than if you didn’t. All in all, I do love my hair it’s a lowish maintenance style that really makes a strong impact. Do you think you could go with the shaved head/ bald-headed look?

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