Why You Need To Stop Cutting People Off

Why You Need To Stop Cutting People Off

I follow alot of wellness Instagrams at least twice a day they’re going on about cutting people off. While yes if someone is toxic you should probably leave, but leaving them is not always the answer.

I know I’m sort of the pot calling the kettle black but hear me out.

I used to be all about that life. If you upset me, didn’t share my beliefs, or I didn’t feel as if you were putting in as much effort as I was in the relationship (friendwise) then your off. I’m better off with out you. I mean why put up with it there’s 7 billion people in the world. I can find another.

Well if you’re cutting friends off because they don’t like your new boo, you find out they don’t meditate or they still use body lotion then that’s an issue. Just like you nobody is perfect. You can’t keep cutting people off or be so strict with your time that you limit yourself to people who only fit into your bubble. Try to find a deeper meaning to the issue. Why don’t they like your new boyfriend? Is it that they just get a bad vibe from him or did they know him before you met him and they know what kind of guy he is? You wouldn’t know because you cut them off.

I know being petty is cute right now but limiting yourself to just your group of friends or a certain type of people limits you to embracing new and different things in life. Exploring and meeting people with different ideas than yours makes you less open minded and unwilling to embrace change. That’s not good in our ever changing world.

It’s not cool to be alone. Its lonely. As humans we are social people. When you’re having a depression episode or a really bad day you need someone to vent to or just take your mind off it. How or who are you going to call if you cut everyone off? How will you celebrate good news or the good days or hell when you do want to go out. Who will you call? It’s great to be independent but it’s great to have help and a good support system.

I’m not saying stay with your cheating ex or remain friends with someone who constantly puts you down. No that’s not it. But ceasing all communication with people because they haven’t called you in a week, don’t believe in your crystal collection or at any other silly reason is just stupid. Cut off people who really deserve it like racists.

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