Why Yoga and Meditation is Helpful But Not A Cure For Depression

Why Yoga and Meditation is Helpful But Not A Cure For Depression

Something that I see a lot of people say yoga and meditation are cures for depression and anxiety. As someone that has both and practices yoga and meditation I can tell you, it’s not. This isn’t a post to bash the practice I love yoga and meditation but using it as a substitute for a serious mental issue I can’t take that sitting down.

Depression is a persistently depressed mood and loss of interest in activities. There are different types of depression but this gives you an idea. Focus on the lack of interest in activities, if I’m in a depressive mood I’m probably not going to get up and do a session. Depending on how severe your depression is or what you do to combat it your thoughts are a factor as well.

With yoga it’s more about being present and mindful. You get a greater sense of being and you can feel accomplished. All things that get your serotonin going and you feeling great. Which is good, very good. If you’re going through a short depression spell this might be what you need to “get out of your head.” However, for me this is not the case. Again I love yoga but even after yoga while I sit on the mat intrusive thoughts come in and I have to go back to my breathing, or worst I just don’t go on my mat. I get in a slump and I can’t get out and then I go back on my mat and I feel worst cause my body’s gotten weaker from not working out.

There are benefits of doing the practice regularly if your depression isn’t debilitating can be beneficial. As I said before meditation focuses on being present in the moment, slowing your mind, and focusing on your breath. Yoga simply is just the body communicating with the mind. This is an amazing conversation to have and is one that you should have regularly. This is no substitute for actual therapy. Depression and anxiety are your body reacting to a trauma or an incident that happened in your life and the disorder is a result of it. You still have to go and figure out what that thing is, only then will you hopefully find release.

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