Why The Mom’s In The Rugrats Are Feminist Icons

Why The Mom’s In The Rugrats Are Feminist Icons

Rugrats were a staple in my house. Every night and even during the day we would watch hours of the show and I never realized -until I was older- how strong these women were.

Take for example Lil’ and Phil’s mom – Betty. Betty was not your typical mom. She was loud proud and always spoke her mind. She would go to war for her kids and did not fit the stereo type of a mom. She wasn’t gentle, she wasn’t nice, she was in your face. She was the symbol a lot of girls needed to have to know that it’s ok to speak your mind with no shame. Plus she has the Feminist logo on her shirt that she always wears so duh.

Angelica’s Mom – Charlotte, she is someone I look up to to this day. Another take charge woman who handles her damn business. I don’t remember what she did but she had an assistant named Jonathan and ran him ragged! Nothing was more important than Angelia though she always found time for her and she was the one she did it all for. Work life balance, and still looked fly during it all. Yes Ma’am 3 snaps.

Last but not lease Tommy’s mom -Didi. She was a house mom and did the job well. With her husband being an failed-ish toy inventor she was able to create a loving home that felt welcoming. She took care of all the other woman’s children during the day, letting them reach higher and higher, while she held down the fort at home. You tell me it’s easy taking care of 5 kids and occasionally more all on (what I’m assuming) a shoe string budget. That takes some power and determination.

The best part is that these women never shame each other on their chosen life paths. When kids are in trouble they come together quickly for the sake of the kids. When there is a fight or a quarrel they solve it quickly and they are often having tea or something. They often gather at Didi’s house the heart of it all.

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