Why I Avoid “Queen” Men

Why I Avoid “Queen” Men

Do you know those guys that slide into your DM and git you with that “How are you beautiful queen?” line? My eyes literally roll and it’s a guaranteed way to get me not to respond. Just say hi like a normal person and let’s keep it moving. I’ve always considered the use of a guy calling a girl a queen as a red flag. You shouldn’t have to view me as royalty to treat me with respect. I know it’s a term of endearment, but it’s so overused now it’s not as meaningful. I feel as if now its something some guys use to gas you up to make you think they’re really feeling you but they’re not. Think I’m being cynical? Let me tell about the time I gave a queen boy a chance.

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I met this guy online and he started with all that you’re a queen mess. How he’s looking for something real and treats women like they’re a queen. I cringed but I wanted to keep an open mind??‍♀️.

Anyway we meet up for drinks I buy two for me and he buys another two. I only mention that because he said I wouldn’t touch my wallet while I was with him, so that proved to be a lie. We drink and have a good time. I actually did start feeling the guy. The night ended, I had to take him home and no I did not go inside. That was also a turn-off.

So eventually he hits me up on the sex tip. Talking about how he wants it and sending me raunchy texts. I stop responding. I just wasn’t that interested and asking me for sex shortly after meeting is another turn-off. He then proceeds to cuss me out for not responding and only wanting him for free drinks. Like dude, I got $14 I can give you that back. He started going on about how he has his own condo, money, and a car (like I didn’t drive his bum *** home). I was busy at the time so I just let him run his course. All that queen stuff is out the window when I stop showing interest.

A few days later, guess who’s on my phone again calling me queen again? Him. Of course, he was dismissed and my theory is proven. Some men will use the word queen to disguise their true colors. They’ll say it to gas you up and then disrespect your whole family when it doesn’t work. Just be wary girls, guys like that (this man in particular) are toxic.

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