Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Sophia recently started dating Marcus about 3 weeks ago, they’ve already had some problems. Marcus is a phone freak meaning if you don’t respond in 5-10 minutes it’s an issue. This typically leads to a fight to the point where they won’t talk for days. Mellow dramatic for a 40-year-old man, but we all know mature slower than women so maybe that’s it.  But Sophia loves, love so while she ignored his request they’re still going strong, sorta…

One weekend to appeal to his athletic side she asked him to go on a hike after work. Sophia isn’t much of a hiker but she’s going to try it in the name of love.


It started off beautifully they were taking pictures, laughing, and giggling but about an hour later the sun began to set and Sophia’s anxiety began to set in. She thought it would be a 45-minute walk but it was really more like an hour he feet were starting to hurt, her sew in was getting hot, and her back was hurting. But they haven’t even gotten to the top. Marcus, however, was loving the walk, he even took pictures of the sunset.

She powered through right before they made it to the top before she snapped… As Marcus was taking his pictures by the waterfall. She snapped at him to hurry up and leave before she heads down by herself. He snapped back that he didn’t even want to be here. They end up argued all the way down to the car and ride back home.

While in the car she began to think if she does manage to make this work does she want it? Is any kind of relationship worth saving with a guy who doesn’t even want to try? She left the car without saying goodbye and she shuts the door realizing he’s not worth the effort.

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