Which Yoga Style Is A Match For You?

Which Yoga Style Is A Match For You?

When I first started yoga, I didn’t think that there were different types I thought yoga was yoga. When I started getting more into the practice I understood that there are many different types and there’s a type that’s for everyone. We’ll explore more the different kinds of yoga and see what’s for you.

This is my personal favorite because I want to relax and enjoy it but I also have the attention span of a squirrel. If you’re looking for something that is a good workout but still is a gentle and good workout I would highly recommend this style.

This is a slower-paced yoga style and great if you’re new to working out in general. This way you can ease in to and make sure your form and stance are correct and feel the stretch.

If you really want to get a workout going, feel the burn, and like to pass out after a session this is right up your alley. I mean who said yoga has to be relaxing?

This is great if you’re more about the journey, not the destination. Not so worried about the poses this is all about awakening your energy and aligning your chakras properly.

This is NOT hot yoga although people often get them confused. Bikram instructors have to be certificated before they can teach it. Also, the room is hotter the room is precisely 105 degrees and 40% humidity, while hot yoga is a range between 80-100 degrees and no regulation on humidity. The movements are very repetitive and the room is often quiet.

Pretty self-explanatory. It is what most people think yoga is, slower-paced, you use yoga blocks and you have to be careful which you should in general.

This is a lot of floor work, really good if you just need a good stretch and time to take a breather.

Very good if you did a hard cardio session or any intensive workout and feel super tight and bad and you need to stretch and lay out on something soft, this is for you.

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