When And How To Do A Social Media Detox

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Hi my name is Kim and I’m addicted to social media. I’m probably on my phone all day everyday just scrolling mindlessly. I’ve logged alot of hours just scrolling through my phone in the morning not getting up making breakfast or my morning work out in.

Not to mention at night when I plan on going to bed early but lay down and stare at my phone for hours. One night I was up til 4 am on Instagram not doing a damn thing. I’ve honestly gotten bored seeing the same old thing and i still go on it. Besides that..

  • I’ve missed social plans I’ve set because I’ve lost track of time.
  • Life outside of social media seems duller.
  • I don’t go out to enjoy time out, I think about posting the moment.
  • I’m so easily distracted its not even funny
  • And I get depressed because I’m not on some people’s level (or the level they show they’re on).

If you’re having these symptoms too I encourage you to detox with me.

Just so we have full disclosure, in order for you to see this post I obviously need to share on social media. So I’ve only given myself a short window to post then hop off.

Seeing how I’m an addict though I’m going to try to stay on their long that’s why I have methods to help me.

Method.01. The Warm Turkey (what I’m using)

For when you want to go offline but you just can’t seem to pull yourself all the way off. I’m using app detox (android) to set a timer for me. I have time to post and share that’s it. Any comments or messages will have to wait til the next day.

This is the layout to app detox, simply put you select an app tell it when to use it then youre done.

If you want nothing to do with social media at all yet can’t seem to put the phone down. Might I suggest…

Method.02. The Cold Turkey?

You’re done. You’re over the negativity, the cyber bullying, the Photoshop all of it. It’s time to end this! Instead of just uninstalling the apps (cause you can redownload them) try again app detox (this isn’t a sponsored post its just the app I use). You can set a rule saying you never want to use this app and whenever you try to open said app it blocks you with some bogus quote telling you not to use it.

You could also try

Method.03. The Freezing Turkey

That’s when you ditch your phone all together. Block yourself from going on any social media site through your laptop via a proxy and switch back to a land line. That’s a bit hardcore but hey do you boo.

Remember to unplug and live life it goes by fast. Even in the videos you see online, the people having the most fun aren’t on their phones.

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