What To Do After Your First Heartbreak

Heart breaks are always tough. It feels as if they go on for ever and you’ll never move on. I’m here to tell you, you can and you will.

My first heartbreak was when I was in 9th grade. There was a guy that I absolutely “loved” of course when we broke up I was heart broken.

I can’t tell you how many times or how hard I cried. It took me months to fully recover but I was also like 14, so while it hurt I didn’t realize my life will go on.

I’ve had many more heart breaks since then and I treated them much less dramatically. I still cried but I found a away to deal with the pain consecutively. Here’s how…

Always let your feelings show, but don’t call the bastard. Just cry, write an angry letter, fantasize about killing him. Just let it out.

Tell your friends about the whole thing. Let them know you’re just there to rant not to get advice. Right now you just need an ear.

After you’ve gotten it all out. Go do something you enjoy. Get a massage, get your nails done, you hair done, read a new book. Dig deep into your hobbies and just loose yourself in it.

Visit your bucket list. What’s something you’ve been wanting to do? Do it. It’ll get your mind off it and you can check something off the list.

Meditate and get back in touch with your self. Or you can do self hypnosis to help you let things go.

Remind yourself this will pass this when you start to feel that hurt feeling again. Eventually you won’t have to tell yourself any more.

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