What I Wish I Knew Before Cutting My Hair

What I Wish I Knew Before Cutting My Hair
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If you’ve ever thought about cutting your hair short or all the way off there are a few things to consider.

All About Face.

There’s nothing to hide behind. Nothing. So that pimple or dry skin flakes are there. Not saying that you have to have flawless skin to cut your hair but just keep it in mind.

You’ll still have to do your hair.

It’s honestly annoying when people say “I’m so sick of my hair I want to cut it off” your hair is still going to be there. If you want it to look good you’ll still have to moisturize and wash it. Although it does take way less time.

It can get expensive

Depending on your cut preference you’ll have to go to the salon at least every two weeks to keep your cut fresh and styled. At the very least once a month if you can stretch it. But salon or barbershop visits become a regular routine.

You’ll notice your wardrobe way more.

Not gonna lie I’ve become a legging and T-shirt girl. When I did my finger waves it kinda balanced it out. I looked sporty. Now that mess doesn’t fly as much. While I’ll still throw some leggings on I try to put a bit more effort into my look when I go out.

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