What I learned from My Pup

What I learned from My Pup

There is something about being a dog mom that is so rewarding. DOG mom not real mom, not ready probably never going to be. When I brought my baby home for the first time in early February I didnt know what I was going to do with him. I just loved him and knew this time it would be different. Since then we’ve been inseparable. Watching him and being around him has shown me the world with new eyes. I’ll tell you how.

Greet A New Adventure With Excitement

When I brought him home. I never thought he’d truly warm up to me. Of course, he was happy and welcoming but never really affectionate and not as playful with me. Now that I had him for a while and he’s truly has warmed up.

Unapologetically Be Yourself

So often I try to train Tokie to be the dog I want. Looking at all the training videos to find the back practice to make him into what he simply is not. He’ll learn tricks and he is a good boy but he’s not the pup to run up to strangers and make a new friend. He likes whom he likes and that’s fine.

Always Be Open To Try New Things

Even though my dog is quite timid he still tries new things. Even though he doesn’t care for car rides he still rides with me. We went on a hike or two together and even though he was nervous he still goes for it full force.

Love Unconditionally

Even though he’s a rescue and lived a hard life when he never once looked at me with distrust or malice. He still loves hard and protects his people as if their lives depended on it.

A few life lessons from a dog that I love. It’s so amazing watching him learn and relearn how to trust and love. His curiosity knows no bounds and his love of life and others is endless.

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