We Dont Get Old We Simply Evolve

We Dont Get Old We Simply Evolve

As I enter a new chapter in my life I find myself reflecting on my past. As always you see the growth and you congratulate yourself on weathering the storms the universe threw at you. However there is one thing I’m noticing that not as many people are embracing the beauty of getting older.

In my early 20s I always wondered what I would look like older. How would I age, what would change about me and my life. Will my friends still be here with me or will I make new friends? It’s always been a curiosity. Yet, when I talk to my peers I see so many of them talk about their 30s with such negativity. Groaning about the way their body is changing and not embracing the fact that their still in their prime. Not moving with the wind and seeing what their new body can do. They long for days long gone wishing to be the same size they were when they were in high school. Not realizing that the body they had was not their final form.

We evole and can change in to such beautiful creatures depending on how you embrace your evolution. You can take it by the horns or weather away in nostalgic bliss not realizing the future is here waiting for you. It won’t wait forever though.

Embrace your newness. Embrace the change and look toward the sun knowing that you have conquered so much and done so many amazing things. Your journey is not over, your life does not end at 30, 40, 50 even 100 if we are so blessed to live a century. The future is as bright as you make it. I’m not talking about just your career but your everyday life, the new jokes waiting to be made, the new people too meet, the new foods to try. Embrace life at all stages and remember you’re simply growing and evolving not getting old.

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