WasteFree Toothpaste from Hello

WasteFree Toothpaste from Hello

I’m going waste free..trying to. It looks like the first rooms to go waste free is the bathroom and kitchen. My bathroom has to be the toughest. I know I can replace paper towels with actual towels and eat at home. When it comes to bathroom theres so many things we dispose of there that are harmful. Like toothpaste, it takes 500 years for a toothpaste tube to decompose. Why does it even need to be that durable especially because it’s not even reusable. So I’m going to talk about toothpaste tabs from hello.

Ok so Hello is a brand you’ve probably saw in Target or Walmart for their face mask or skincare. I was searching for new toothpaste I saw the tin can and was like awesome! I know aluminum or tin doesnt decompose but it can be reused. So I got the charcoal tabs they do come in a blue tin that’s regular.

You use it buy chewing the tabs with your front teeth until it becomes a paste. Then you wet the toothpaste and brush your teeth then boom you’re done. What surprised me is you get a good bit of toothpaste from the tabs. You get a nice lather and a nice clean feel too the teeth. Which is what you want. It also makes me feel like futuristic by chewing up my toothpaste like an astronaut.

You’ll get about 60 tabs in there so it’s a good amount and you honestly get your money’s worth out of it. It’s also not overly minty, like I could drink orange juice after it because there’s no fluoride in it which is awesome.

Would you try toothpaste tabs? Have you? What did you think?

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