My Unusually Delicious Cheat Day at Sushi Guru

My Unusually Delicious Cheat Day at Sushi Guru

I’m a bit of a foodie. I like to try new food and interesting takes on the food. It’s a perk and itll be my downfall,which is why I always try to move around. Anyway I heard there was a place in my area called Sushi Guru that serves a sushi donut. Since it was my cheat day I decided to give them a try!

Now what is a sushi donut? A miraculous invention that combines my two great loves sushi and donuts. However before you ask no it’s not deep fried it’s just sushi in donut shape.

I love healthier takes on food. Sometimes I just need to trick my brain in to eating better and this will do it.

Basically its a a giant sushi roll in donut form. Like a bed of rice with fish on top it was definitely interesting to say the least. I enjoyed it to say the least.

The highlight of the whole thing resturant trip? Finding out there was a sushi pizza. Talk about an explosion of flavor!

sushi pizza

Mouth drool. My friend and I devoured it and the donuts with out any guilt. Ok maybe not completly guilt free. Fish is good for you but with all the sauces and rice these aret the best thing for my waist line, but good for the soul. Thats why cheat meals are necessary we all need a bit of freedom!

What are some of you guys favorite foods? Let me know in the comments.

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