How To Turn Your Shower Routine Into A Relaxing & Lux Experience

Soap and Glory, rich and foamous,

For some people, a bath or shower is simply a necessary nuisance that they try to get over with as soon as possible. For me, it’s where I come to end my day and rest my mind. Your end of the day shower should be something relaxing and enjoyable. If it’s not I’ll show you simple ways you can make your bathroom an oasis.

Set the mood. I love to light a candle to get ready for my shower. It’s a much softer effect than using my standard overhead light and so much more soothing.

After I light my candles I like to shower with ocean waves or whale noises. The sounds of water just calm me. But whatever helps you is good for you.

It’s always good to have a cozy warm scent fill the air you can do it with the candles or an exfoliating wash so the warm feeling follows you. I prefer to have a sweet-smelling exfoliator so my skin its soft and smells sweet.


You’ll need a luxurious body wash to keep your skin looking amazing. My favorite body wash is by Soap and Glory call Rich & Foamous. It really feels soft like a cloud and works up a really good lather.

To top it all off have a nice plush robe to slip into afterward. It just makes the whole experience that much more relaxing.

I love to moisturize with because it has retinol in it and it helps speed up collagen production for smooth even skin.

After that, finish with your skin care routine and a  with wine.

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