Try This : Mantra Meditation

Try This : Mantra Meditation

There are so many different ways to meditate it’s astonishing. Today I wanted to talk to you about mantra meditation.

Mantra Meditation is repeating a sacred word, phrase, or short affirmation aloud or in your head.

I see mantra meditation as a sort of self hypnosis, in your relax state you’re training your mind to believe and think a certain way. Like, the old saying goes If you say it while diving in to a deeper consciousness your mind will never forget it (ok not an old saying but yeah).

How does one Mantra Meditate?


ask your self why are you meditating today, what are you trying to accomplish?

Identify your goal and create a chant that best suits it.

Step.02. Begin Meditating

Get comfortable on your meditation pillow or mat (or just the floor) and begin calming your mind. Focus on your breathing. I like to count up to ten then repeat until I’m completely relaxed.

Step.03. Chanting

Once you’ve fully relax and have entered your meditative state begin chanting your mantra silently in your head. Then a few times aloud to speak it in to existence.

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