Top Popsugar Workouts That’ll Have Your Sweating

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I love working up a good sweat, and to prepare for my vacation in August I decided to kick my workouts into overdrive!

Walk in Popsugar fitness I absolutely love this YouTube channel Anna (who’s currently on pregnancy leave) is my gal! She works out with you not just yells to keep going.

The girls get tired when I get tired and I can see the sweat. That’s what keeps me going, if they can do this so can I??. Also, every work out comes with a modification that still burns.

Here are the top workouts you should try


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30 Minute Tabata SessionĀ 

This work out is high intensity and fun! Well the work out itself is not but Ranier gets you up and motivated to feel like you’re not working out (almost). They also have modifications if you’re not up for jumping.

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Burn 400 Calories in 40 MinutesĀ 

Ok, this workout is just torcher, so much so that Anna forgets her lace at one point. The girls are tired, you’re tired, everyone’s sick of the workout but your body will love you for it. IT challenges you and you’ll be laughing throughout.

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Muffin Top Work Out

This one is new to me but I try to do it every morning, I get a pretty good burn and I always feel my obliques the next day. I love it! The workouts are challenging and fun. It burns and fires up your abs and booty till it burns.

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30 minute Fat Burning Cardio Sculpting Workout

During this entire work out, Jeanette Jenkins continuously says ” I play no games!” and she means it. There was no downtime or rest you worked out. I only did this work out once and my body was sore for two days, like stiff sore. It’s good to the point of almost being too good.

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30 Minute Calorie Burning Tabata Style HIIT Work out

This is the workout that really kick-started it all with best friend in my head Rainer. To me, this one is a bit lighter than the first one I mentioned but it’s good if you want to get into interval training but haven’t worked out in forever!

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