Tiger King : The Wildest Story You’ve Ever Heard

Tiger King : The Wildest Story You’ve Ever Heard
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It’s about 10 minutes in and I’ve already said WTF 3 times and my noisey butt need to know more. So when I heard about the Netflix Documentary Series Tiget King it sparked my interest simply because of the hype. It follows the life and demise of Joseph Maldonado-Passage the owner of G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma who falls in to some very interesting hot water which results in almost gets an animal advocate murdered. Everyone is talking about it. Let’s see what the hype is about.

Episode 1

In the first episode it give you a background of Joseph aka Joe Exotic and his team of big cats conversationalist. The main takeaway is the feud between Joe and Carole Baskin,owner of big cat rescue. The hatred runs so deep that they have a mannequin named Carole that they use as target practice. Also Carole found snakes in her mailbox ( a bit much). Nearing the end of the first episode you hear Joe Exotic calling from prison. I wonder how he got there?

Episode 2

The second episode opens with an employee getting their arm bitten off by a tiger,something that was bound to happen. Joe even says (after tending to the employee and closing the park) that he’ll never recover financially from this. So that tells me you don’t have insurance or something in place for when this does happen. Could this guy be any more mental?

The woman goes back and works for Joe 7 days after choosing to get her arm amputated. She went back after Joe convinces her to give the Tigers another chance. That’s dedication. We also find out that he actually breeds and sales them, which is illegal. Also zoos buy them which is another reason to hate zoos. We get a bit into another wild tiger conservationist Doc,who is Joe’s idol, discovering that he has a harem of 4+ women. He controls what they looked like, ate , and slept. One lady said they had roaches everywhere in small little rooms they stayed in. They then go back to Joe showing you how he would find his employees and business practices.

They would find people on the side of the road or all alone at a bus stop with nothing to their name. Then promise them a fresh start, give you 150 a week for 12+ hours of work a day. He also would get the tossed meat from Walmart and or his employees choose what meat they wanted, no limit. Then whatever is left over he gives to the Big cats. When will this turn in to something I like? Nothing about this business seems legit.

Episode 3…its getting good.

The episode starts off by implying Carole had killed her millionaire husband Don Lewis and fed him to the tigers. Now this is getting juicy.

Apparently her (Carole) husband went missing and declared dead (at her request). People are saying she had a hand in it because Don was planning on divorcing Carole, after telling his friends about it nobody else saw him again. Carole and Don Lewis used to have a charity together. It didn’t start that way though. Turns out THEY USED TO BRED AND SELL WILD EXOTIC PETS!! She did a whole video tutorial on how to raise them as pets. When I tell you I’m dead, I’m dead.

Don also had multiple lovers and was going to leave Coarle for one of them(allegedly). He sensed something was up and had given his executive assistant Anne McQueen a restraining order against Corale to keep in case anything had happened to him. In that order it says Carole threatened to kill him twice. Then a month later he’s missing. She then starts moving money around and putting property and accounts in her name. There was no memorial or funeral when she told the police to legally declare him dead. I’m just saying if this was Snapped she’d be in jail. The episode ends with Joe Exotic saying he’s taking Carole on..

Episode 4

We see Joe Exotic’s petty side. He copied Carole’s company name and design. He also set up a 911 animal rescue website asking where is Don Lewis. He then gets the producer of Rick Kirkham to do a Reality Show based on him and the park. The amount of confidence this mullet, gun toting redneck has far succeeds Kanye West on his best day. Even his friends tell him to back down. Does he, no….no…

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So she (Carole) sued him for 1 million and made him pay. I would have made him pay too since he’s shooting people’s heads off. Then someone burned up the alligator habit that had, films of the reality show, and thousands of dollars worth of technology, not to mention files. You get a glimpse into Joe’s finances meaning all his credit cards are maxed out, his lawyers fees arent paid either. It got so bad that he started putting the zoo and other accounts/loans in other people’s names (i.e. employees,husbands,friends)and the law suits just cared over to them.

Basically if your name was on anything involving Joe’s business you got sued including his mama. You really just start seeing how the business is falling apart. It’s either the law suits or feeding the animals that will get them. Then Jeff Lowe came in to save the day. But he isnt all he cracks up to be.

Episode 5

It starts off with Joe on the phone calling Jeff Lowe a con artist. He(Jeff) brings his own people to help create his vision of a zoo. Of course, this causes tension. Joe Exotic then decides to run for president…much like Kanye West. Once that fails he decides to then run governor this is like an episode of American Dad, it just gets crazier and crazier. Carole instead is trying to pass a bill to stop the selling,buying, pet to play of wild cats. You know something productive.

This is the start of Joe’s break down. Turns out both (yes both) of his husband’s are straight they’re messing with girls around the park. They were only with him for the gifts he buys them and a place to stay. One of his partners, Travis, end up killing himself because he felt trapped like he couldn’t leave and live his life under Joe. He(Joe) let everything at the park fall apart while he went out to find a mate. It took him 2 months to move on after his husband’s suicide. He’s no better than Carole. Eventually, Jeff leaves for Vegas takes some of the Cubs so people can party in the bus with them which he admits is a mistake. Now Joe might be getting invested by the federal government.

Episode 6

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They open up with Jeff’s domestic violence charges and what happened in Vegas. He’s ordered to surrender all animals, and its confirmed the Fed’s are watching him and Joe. Jeff found out that Joe embezzled money from Jeff for his lawsuit with Carole and his governor campaign. Now Joe burned any and all records to cover his tracks and left and is currently on the run. Jeff Lowe is taking over the park. You know what trips me out? No ones making money here, there’s no winners they’re just doing things out of pride. Had he just left court and not be petty then NONE of this would have happened.

Apparently, during all this Joe allegedly put a hit out on Carole. Carole who’s just minding her business. This is classic victim mentally, blaming everyone but yourself. Jeff is basically tired of Joe and his mess trying to kill people so he ends up calling Carole and said “Hey I’ll turn on Joe for half a mill”. Carole turns it over to the police who makes James Garretson(Jeff’s employee) a police informant to record all of Jeff and Joe’s conversations. Turns out he’s been a spy all along saying he (Joe) already had someone, Glover Jeff’s employee, but that falls through before he even gets to Florida. Garretson tells Joe he can get some one else, and Joe falls for it hook line and sinker. Everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON Jeff brought in worked with the feds to turn Joe in. They really didnt like that man. They arrest him in Florida in a parking lot for hiring a hitman.

Episode 7

Jeff and his team are working on building a new zoo God knows why. They also accused him of wild life charges (shooting, killing and selling tigers.) They mainly talk about the trial about how it effected the employees and the new zoo.

Most of Joe’s team feel as if Jeff set Joe up,which he did. Joe also committed a crime it was only a matter of time before he went to jail with the debt alone would have sent him there. Joe is now in federal jail, they’re shutting down the zoo, and the animals are probably going to a shelter. They think Jeff will face charges as well multiple people are probably going to go down. There’s also new characters popping up like Tim who also hates Joe. So they’re basically setting us up for season 2.

Joe was sentenced to 22 years. Docs Safari was raided by the authorities December 2019 he has not responded to the euthanasia claims Joe made.

A fact that really surprised me was 5,000-10,000 tigers live captive in the US a country they’re not even native to but fewer than 4,000 are on the wild.

So what are my thoughts?

This is definitely a interesting show. The story line is captivating but honestly I believe this is but ridiculous. They should have shut this down a long time ago, that’s the activist in me. All in all it’s a 8.3/10 it’s worth a watch but I doubt I’ll turn in for season 2. I don’t care how it ends as long as they shut down all this mess. The person only who made sense was the employee at the end(the one who lost her arm)who said “No one wins, everyone in this war. Everyone claims to be an animal advocate and not a single animal benefited from this.” Big mood

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