This Is What I Happened When I Went On A 200 cal Extreme Diet!

This Is What I Happened When I Went On A 200 cal Extreme Diet!

I’m not going to lie I don’t always eat the best. While I don’t eat bad often, but once I start its hard for me to stop. It’s something that I think happens when I’m alone, possibly drunker, and haven’t eaten all day. So I created the most extreme diet I could think of and I’m here to share.

Extreme Diet

Disclaimer: If you have a history with ED this could be triggering.

My goal is to lose a few pounds, I’m thinking of somewhere around 20 pounds. With that being said I have up’d my exercise routines to almost daily. Let’s get real though anyone can eat and drink themselves through any work out no matter how intense. The key to weight loss is a calorie deficit. You have to change how you eat.

So I did.

I went on a serious fast. I’m not good at dieting, but tell me not to eat I can do that. I started last week and attempted to do all day. That didn’t work. So I would do 16 hours. It’s easier if you cut out the last meal like dinner and hold out on dinner. Then you’re all good.

Now comes the triggering part, I would keep my meal around 300 calories or less. Not the healthiest but I wanted results DAMN IT! I also did this while working out, walking 0.5 miles to a mile and helping my friend move her store. So to say I wasn’t burning fat would be an understatement. Now I on the days I was helping her move her store I wouldn’t walk just do my 30 min to an hour work out.


I know what you’re thinking, you’re crazy. That’s not proven I’m just very ambitious. I will say my blood sugar dropped. I don’t know how much because I wasn’t under the care of a doctor. After one work out, I felt jittery and weak. I also woke up feeling week as well so again it’s not recommended.

Another question, did I see results? Yes and no. My hips virtually disappeared and my arms are super toned no more hanging bags. My back is even toning up but my belly, is still there which was the whole point of this experiment!

I will keep it up, believe it or not. At least for a few weeks to see what can really happen. I don’t know how well my extreme diet will pan out since I’ll be on vacation with my family and won’t be able to count my calories as well. All I can say is I’ll keep my meals light and hopefully it won’t ruin anything.

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