This Is How You Open Your Root Chakra

This Is How You Open Your Root Chakra

If you’re not familiar with chakras the root word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or “disk”. Chakras are spinning disks of energy or light. They are responsible for emanating and incorporating the energy that keeps us at our best!

The root chakra is represented by red, the color of Muladhara. Red represents confidence, courage, and change. Red spirituality affects stability, security, grounding, and emotional support. This coincides with root chakra perfectly because this is, in fact, the stability and grounding

The root chakra is located on the base of your spine. This chakra has direct contact with the earth making you feel safe, confident, and protected. It is the foundation for the expansion of your life.

You can tell your root chakra is blocked, or not open if…

  • You radiate negative energy, cynicism
  • Eating Disorder
  • Greed
  • You’re insecure or always in survival mode
  • Illusion

If you have a blocked or inactive root chakra you could have feelings of uncertainty. You find it hard to feel safe and secure in life whether it be with work, physical safety, health. If you’re feeling ruled by fear your root chakra might be blocked. If it’s overactive you might feel greedy like you
need more of everything, or paranoid.

You can open up this chakra by doing some grounding activities. Go for a walk in nature or a garden. The key here is to grow your roots and reconnect with mother earth.

People also use meditation to open up the chakra. Light earthy incense and meditate while chanting ‘Lam’ or a root affirmation such as ‘I am safe and secure’ while envisioning the color red filling your body. You can also do root yoga it’ll bridge the mind and body and help with your energy flow.


Having the symbol represented in your space can invoke that energy. The symbol is a four petal lotus flower styled in a circle with a downward-facing triangle.

The downward-facing triangle is a symbol of the spirit connecting with the earth and grounding our spirits with the earth.

The root chakra is vital to activating the rest of your chakras. It’s the kundalini, where all your energy is coiled up, and we need to unwind and release it to feel our power.

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