The SkinCare Tip NoOne Tells You About

The SkinCare Tip NoOne Tells You About

When it comes to skincare there are always new and interesting tips that come about that you would have never thought about or heard of. Today I’m sharing one of those tips I never considered. One of which is having two cleansers. Now I know most of you have two cleansers probably from over shopping but we’re talking about something completely different.


When I say two cleansers I mean you need one to treat your issues. Mine is an acne treatment. It is one of my favorites and clears up my breakouts effectively and quickly. Because this can be so strong I limit the usage to only when I have a breakout. This is the guideline for your treatment cleanser, not the drying aspect but you want it to be a cleanser with purpose. Not necessarily harsh but something that has actual treatment in it.

My everyday cleanser is very gentle and just enough to maintain my PH balance and keep my skin fresh and clean. Your daily cleanser doesn’t need to be medicated unless you want something more anti-aging or something along those lines.

I say this is a pro skincare tip because typically we’re told there’s one cleanser that will solve all your issues. There isn’t, there’s no such thing I’m sorry. Ideally, you want to get most of your daily treatments through serum or mask. It’s ok if your cleanser has a little treatment in it if it’s something gentle. Not like acne or spot lightener (because it contains brightener) but something that just adds moisture, like anti-aging, or radiance should be fine.

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