The Perfect Night Routine For A Restful Night

The Perfect Night Routine For A Restful Night

Simply a helpful guide to help you sleep better at night.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Before midnight and not too early. You don’t want to go to bed too early because you’ll wake up before you need to and be tired too soon, if you do to bed too late you’ll be too tired for anything. A sweet spit is typically between 9 and 11 pm, if you’re in bed by these times you have time to wind down and there’s no rush to sleep.

Get at least 5 hours or find your perfect rest time.

Mine is 5 hours, if I get 8 or more I’m too rested and I just get groggy. Pay attention to your sleep time especially after you get a good night’s sleep. That way you know how long you actually need to sleep.

Have a routine

Having a routine to do before bed tells your brain it’s time for bed. It could be a meditation, a sleepy podcast, or a book you read. Anything that signals it’s time for bed is awesome.

Stop eating late

The occasional night time snack when you’re up late is fine. But eating a cupcake or chips before you K.O is not good for anything. It can lead to weight gain, overeating, or a restless night. Remember food is fuel, why fuel up if you want to wind down?

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