The Guide To Creating A Supportive Girl Squad

The Guide To Creating A Supportive Girl Squad

There’s nothing more important than having a good girl squad, they’re like family you can be yourself around. More important than just having a multitude of friends it’s important to have the right kind of friends. Picking the wrong type of friends you can end up making your life worse, not better. Today I will give you some helpful tips on picking the right kind of friends that are both supportive and fun,

Girl squad

I won’t really break them up into categories because, in all honesty, everyone needs are different but a general rule of thumb is you want someone who you can call at your lowest point. It’s not about always being there for you( People have lives) but you need to have someone there when you need them the most, not just when you’re bored.

Some characteristics to look for

  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Sincere care for you
  • And common interests

Say you end up getting too drunk at a party and need to go home and your friends still party on and just prop you up in a corner somewhere. They probably don’t have your best interest at heart. It’s ok if they’re mad that you ruined the night but to just leave you there with the wolves. Is a bit messed up don’t you think? Watch out for people like that.

Also if you feel relaxed around your friends, like you have to be a character when they’re around then they might not be your squad.

If you can’t call them midway through a panic attack and them calm you down or just listen. They’re probably not that kind of friend. Everyone isn’t going to know what to do in a crisis, everyone isn’t going to have time for your midweek episode. You should, however, have someone to talk to when you just need someone to talk to and vent to, period.

Have more than partying in common. You can always find a friend when it’s time to have a good time. But what about that pottery class or a yoga class? Not the super fun stuff but just nice things to do. People like that are only good for a good night out are good people, but maybe not the people you call friend friends their just good people.

All in all, when it comes to your girl squad have a good blend of people. The ones you can count on in a crisis, the ones to call when you just want to party and the one you can just go out and have a nice day with. Then there’s your best friend who in compass all that in one. The biggest thing I want you to take away from this is it’s not about the quantity it’s the quality of your friends that matter. A small circle can have way more value than the large one.

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