The Coolest Thing Netflix Has Done #EVER: Black Mirror Bandersnatch

I couldn’t get into Bird Box I couldn’t. I could, however, get into Black Mirror. Netflix I really have to say you’ve outdone yourself with this interactive movie.

You remember those choose your own destiny books you read when you were little? Netflix turned it into a bloody show! I know all through out you choose the characters destiny.

The story is in the UK around the ’80s and focuses around Stephan a young ma who is creating a video game based off the book Bandersnatch. He’s also suffering from mental illness stemming from the tragic death of his mother.

The show starts off telling you how you choose the characters story and the commands. Then we start off hearing about Stephan’s life and d giving you the background story of Stephan. Soon you’re presented multiple choice options that influence the story’s outcome.

All these are possibilities and it’s up to you on what he does and who he becomes is all up to you. I freaking love it. I’m still watching it and I don’t want to give too much away, because there are only two options and if you choose mine and I really want you to watch this grown breaking show for yourself. It’s beyond amazing.

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