The Best Essential Oil Recipes To Reduce Stress

The Best Essential Oil Recipes To Reduce Stress

Y’all, I’m tired. I’m stressed out, tired, and I’m overall this mess going on its beyond depressing. During this time I’m getting reacquainted with my practice, in regard to the mind. I wanted to introduce you to some great essential oil recipes that’ll help you relieve stress.

I’ll list these oils based on your stress level. 1 is no stress at all, think it’s raining when you wanted to go out to 4 being you’re 5 minutes late to work and in traffic but there’s no accident.

Let’s start off with Level 1

One meaning you’re not that mad or stressed. In fact, you’re pretty damn zen right now. You just need something to help keep you that way. Something that will improve your serenity and mellow you out even further. 2 drops of Neroli oil should help you out it’s sweet citrus smell coupled with 2 drops of jasmine should keep you mellow when those fleeting waves hit.


Level 2

Level 2 is if you’re about to do some sort of public speaking or you’re going out on your first date in a while. This is more anxiety-induced stress. Something god to take a whiff of before you go is lavender(2 drops) and chamomile (2 drops). These are the common go-to for any anxiety-induced stressed. You can drink a nice tea, or mix in into your oil or lotion.

Level 3

This is good if you’re going for a more meditative state, like you really need to find your peace because people are trying you and you don’t really need a case right now. Use 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil and frankincense. I like to use it in a diffuser for about a half hour while I meditate. You can also use it in your lotions and oils to help as well.

Level 4

The top tier of stress, this is great for when all your money is gone and you forgot to pay rent and utilities for the 3rd month in a row. 2 drops of vetiver and sandalwood in a diffuser or in oil should help mellow you out as you cry and beg for a two-week extension!

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