That’s It! I’m Going Vegan

That’s It! I’m Going Vegan

When I was younger I loved meat and dairy. My favorite meal was chicken wings and the best snack was pop tarts with a big glass of milk. As I got older my views began to change. I got more in touch with mother earth and really started re-evaluating my life choices. I remember I watched Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ video and I became an activist for the environment and attempted to have my family do the same( still working on it ). It wasn’t until I decided to live my life how I truly see fit that I decided to become a vegan.

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A big part of it was when I looked at the women I look up to like Erykah Badu, and Lynn they were both vegans. My views and life on life and causes align so closely with theirs and I began to ask my self why not? I mean I hardly ever eat meat and I don’t like milk so go for it, right?

After watching a few documentaries, and after posting on Twitter that I was vegan and getting flooded with helpful tips. I thought I could really do this. After a week I can tell you, it’s really not that hard. Just make sure there’s no meat or dairy in the product you buy and switch out some foods with meat substitutes. There’s honestly so many on the market now that you have plenty to choose from. The rest is just your regular sides, corn mashed potatoes, french fries, you know the rest.

At first, I was only going to do it for 30 days, but after my first week and the mounds of research I did on the meat industry I doubt I’ll be going back. I feel like this was the final step in becoming whole plus I like it. What about you could you go vegan?

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