Tarot Card Of The Week: The Hierophant

Tarot Card Of The Week: The Hierophant

You guy ready to learn something new? That’s the theme of this week apparently so sayeth my Tarot Card this week, the Hierophant. The only thing that surprised me was this wasn’t in direct alignment in anything that has been happening in my life, so I’m really excited to see what happens. First, let’s find out what this card means…

Tarot Description

In some decks, the Hierophant is represented by a Pope or high priests and is ruled by Taurus. They sit between to pillars wearing three robes and a crown as they raise their two fingers in a religious blessing -two towards heaven two towards the earth-. With two followers kneeling in front of him it appears as he is bestowing some spiritual wisdom,

Upright Hierophant

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The Hierophant card shows us that we are in a great position to learn something new about our spiritual values or beliefs. Its often suggested that you learn the principals of your spirituality from a trusted source.

This would be a great time to find a mentor or a teacher to help you along this passage. You want to find someone who will nurture your curious mind at this time and really broaden your horizon.

If you are already an expert then you’ll probably be going into more of a teacher role, or mentor role( awesome!). In this position, it’s best to always remember the basics(traditions) and the great responsibility you hold in this role.

This card is big on tradition and group participation. Maybe there’s an old tradition that has been neglected. You are being called upon to resurrect that old classic past time in a classic fashion. This wouldn’t be the time to put a ‘new twist’ on an old classic. You could even keep it cute and join a group online or a class to learn new things or teach them.

Reversed Hierophant

When it’s positive then the Hierophant card is there to remind you that you are your own teacher. It’s there to remind you to do what feels right to you and follow your own path and journey. Sometimes it’s best to reflect from within and do what’s best for you and not blindly follow whatever others are doing or telling you what to do.

The reversed Hierophant card encourages you to explore how things are done and ask yourself if they align with what your beliefs are. Don’t run on autopilot and do whatever is asked of you. You are your own person and don’t sacrifice your truth for someone else’s.

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