Natural Remedies For Respiratory Issues


Mother nature is so equipped to handle even our toughest problems its mindboggling on why we keep trying to destroy her. I have learned how to channel mother natures healing powers to help with my breathing issues. I suffer from asthma, so dusty or overly polluted areas cause me to have a flare-up, not to […]


Mindfulness: What Is It And How Do You Do It?


Slowly but surely we as a people are literally killing ourselves. Our on the go lifestyle is stressing us out and makes us go through life wondering what the heck we did with our time.  There is hope. The #MindfulnessMovement is growing steam with every inspirational quote and every head standing yogi. But what does […]


Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Sex & Relationships

Sophia recently started dating Marcus about 3 weeks ago, they’ve already had some problems. Marcus is a phone freak meaning if you don’t respond in 5-10 minutes it’s an issue. This typically leads to a fight to the point where they won’t talk for days. Mellow dramatic for a 40-year-old man, but we all know mature […]


My 1st Time In Therapy


Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am. I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. I like to stew with my thoughts plus I didn’t […]


5 ways to tell it’s not meant to be

Sex & Relationships

  While relationships are fun, they’re not all made to last. Here are some easy ways to tell it’s going down. Cute texts stop/conversations. It was all heart eyes and selfies before but now it’s just the standard wyd. It doesn’t always have to be rainbows but if you guys can’t hold a conversation can […]


Habits Of Highly Successful Sleepers


I’m a horrible sleeper like it’ll be 2 am and I’ll be wide awake laying in the darkness just up. I’ll wake up the next day after falling asleep at 4 am and be exhausted, my friends who are great sleepers just laugh it off. I guess they don’t understand why I can not sleep. […]


Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home


Stress is one of the top killers in the world, it can lead to many more issues both mentally and physically. Hopefully, that intro didn’t stress you out more but helped you realize that you need to get it under control. It’s not always easy especially if you worry a lot, but with a little help […]


What is Hygge and Why You Need It

Home, Living

So if you’ve never heard of Hygge yet let me give you a rough explanation. Hygge is the art of building a sanctuary and inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open-hearted and alive. Hygge is a great meditative practice because it provides a warm welcoming place where you can find peace […]


The Skincare Commandments

Beauty, Skin

When I was younger I had really bad acne and scarring. It was so embarrassing! I was the only one in my family that had it and couldn’t figure out how to cure it until I really paid attention to what I was doing to my body and skin. Once I figured out I created […]


Why and How To Dry Brush

Beauty, Skin

  Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like. You rub a dry wash brush along your skin to help exfoliate your body for a soft supple skin with an amazing glow. Peaked your interest? Read on for the benefits and how to..   …:: Awesome Benefits::… Dull and dead skin is buffed away in seconds […]