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My 1st Time In Therapy

Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am.

I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. I like to stew with my thoughts plus I didn’t know what type of condition I’d be in after the first time.

There were a series of forms I had to fill out that told her my family history with mental health and also a brief overview of any traumas I’ve experienced. I wrote each down and thought to my self ‘she’s going to think I’m so fucked up.’ But I had to be honest. If I feel any kind of judgment I can just leave, right?

Finally, the day came and I fussed over my outfit only to arrive and see myself in the elevator reflection thinking I look terrible.

I walked in the waiting room and it was full of natural light with hopeful messages all around. I didn’t know the etiquette here so I just sat down stayed off my phone and looked straight ahead. After a few moments my therapist came out and took me back.

We talked about her dogs (which are all huge and fluffy😍) as she looked over my paperwork. As I thought she said you’ve been through quiet alot for someone who’s only 26. I smiled and said yeah.

We talked a bit about my past traumas and other things. I was surprised I only cried twice, but it was painful opening up old wounds. Once it was over I didn’t feel any better. I was happy I got something’s off my chest but I didn’t feel hopeful. As soon as I left I went in my car and cried and just drove around town eating and I voted early. When I went home I just watched TV and drank. Not the best but it’s how I cope.

Even though I didn’t leave happy. but I wasn’t hopeless and when I was crying I didn’t spiral down the depression shoot. I went out, took a break and spent more time out than I usually would.

So that’s good, right?

Have any of you been the therapy? What’s your views on it.

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The Skincare Commandments

When I was younger I had really bad acne and scarring. It was so embarrassing! I was the only one in my family that had it and couldn’t figure out how to cure it until I really paid attention to what I was doing to my body and skin. Once I figured out I created my skin care commandments. Following them has never steered me wrong.

Don’t drink carbonated drinks like soda it can cause breakouts. In my case, it always makes me break out in tons of pimples

Drink 90% water it flushes your system out and hydrates your skin well.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables it helps your skin glow.

Feed your skin with good hydrating masks. It keeps your skin strong and hydrated so it rebounds the free radicals in the air.

Relax your face. If you feel a wrinkle in your brow. Take a deep breath and it’ll calm you down.

Drink less and meditate more. Alcohol can dull the skin (not to mention its bad for the waistline) and can age you a bit. If you need to relax after a long day try to meditate more as an end to the day. It’s good for the mind and body.

Wash your face! At least wash your make up off, but you need to wash off your entire day. All the sweat, pollution, and grease of the day needs to come off. Your body heals its self at night make sure what it absorbs is healthy and good skin food!

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Preparing For The New Moon

new moon, moon phases

If you’ve ever been curious as to why many people are excited by the new moon the reason is simple, a  New Moon symbolizes a new beginning. It’s a fresh start that allows you to begin a new phase of life.

To prepare for the moon it is simple.

You’ll Need To Let Go Of Negativity.

This has been something that I’ve been struggling with lately but now is the perfect time to remedy this. On the day of the new moon cleanse yourself with sage and a feather, or take a relaxing salt bath to clear negative thoughts and energy.

Deep meditation

Will help you find inner peace with yourself. It will also help bring your thoughts inward and bring focus to aspects of your life that you want to focus on.

Write down things you want in this Phase.

Make sure that you’re writing things that are necessary and of extreme importance to you. Avoid trying to change others, rather invoke change in yourself to help them. I limit my goals to around 4 or 5 things or less. This way I focus only on things I truly desire rather than trying to fill up a list.


Now you’re ready for your New Moon Ritual.

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How To Emotionaly Purge & Welcome In Good Vibes

it’s officially 2018, please don’t bring any of the 2017 drama with you. Everyone is starting over, why not you? Whether it be a new job or a new outlook on life start off fresh. Let’s start by getting rid of any and all emotional baggage by taking the advice I got from Goop’s Snap with emotional writing.

All you need to do is light a candle in a quiet place and set a timer for 12 minutes. With pen and paper write out any unsolved issue that you haven’t resolved with yourself or with anyone else.
Don’t worry about it being pretty or legible, just let it all out for 12 minutes. Once the timers down drop the pen and ball up whatever you wrote. DON’T READ IT. You just purged all of this negativity out of your mind, don’t put it back in!

The 12 symbolizes the end of a cycle just like the 12 hours of light, or darkness and the 12 months of the year. Your 12 minutes symbolizes the end of you dealing with the negativity of whatever issue you’ve been dealing with.

After, you can write a list of everything you want to invoke into the new year (or in life). Just write down anything you want to produce more of.

After you’re done with the list you should burn them both in the candle. By doing this you release you release these things back into the universe. Start with the negative saying something like ” Dear Universe, I am no longer in need of these emotions, or lessons and I give them back to you.”

And with your invoke list say something along the lines of “Dear Universe I wish to invite these lessons into my life. I hope that with these new lessons that fuel me to become a better person and become more present.”

After this rub your hands together to “wash” away the negativity as well as the positive energy you just released into the world.

With this burning ritual, the key is to release both good and bad energy away from you and to let the universe provide the energy to you freely.

Happy tides to you all!