Find Your Perfect Face Mask

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Masking is a great way to perk up your skin after a stressful week and pamper yourself while keeping your skin looking fresh. The only issue is what mask to use and when? There is an entire wall full of masks with so many ingredients it can be hard to choose. Never fear I have […]


The Clarisonic Commandments

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So by now, everybody should have a Clarisonic. If you don’t you need to get one, like, ASAP. Not only is it a great tool for daily cleaning of the skin. It helps give you a gentle exfoliation as well as a great blow to the skin and helps your skin care penetrate the skin. […]


Get Clear Skin In Two Steps

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  For years I’ve heard about Bio Oil being good for hyper-pigmentation and preventing signs of aging. That’s why I started using it. I didn’t like my current moisturizer because it left me feeling dry and my U.F.O. dry oil was too much of a hassle to get. When I first purchased the Bio Oil […]


Top 3 Sleeping Masks You Need + Why


Don’t you wish you could wake up with flawless skin? Well, there is such thing as beauty sleep. Studies have shown that your body is in repair mode while you sleep, including your skin! So why not aid this process by adding some skin boosting goodies to the mix. My favorite night-time sleep mask is […]


How Not To Look Tired After A Long Night

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If you stayed out a bit late or had one too many. It tends to show the next day whether you’re 25 or 35. You face is a bit swollen or you have bags. Whatever it is we have the cure for you. Puffy Face Take an Ice Cube from the freezer and rub it […]


Upgrade Your Nightly Ritual

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  At the end of the day, it’s always nice to take a great relaxing bath to unwind. It’s good to have a nightly ritual because it calms your brain down and creates a calming environment. If you don’t have a ritual then I suggest you create one, I’ll show you how. It’s Better At […]