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What Happened When I Was Sober For A Week

What Happened When I Was Sober For A Week

I have/had a drinking problem, I’m well aware of my tendencies. However it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. A few weeks back I was going to see a therapist a few weeks back to work through somethings. When she found out how often I […]

On The Path Of Life Instead I’m Turning Left

On The Path Of Life Instead I’m Turning Left

For a long time, as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to fit a mold. I wanted to be how everyone else was or thought I should look like. It was al I knew. When I was growing up it was in a “traditional” […]

My 1st Time In Therapy

My 1st Time In Therapy

Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am.

I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. I like to stew with my thoughts plus I didn’t know what type of condition I’d be in after the first time.

There were a series of forms I had to fill out that told her my family history with mental health and also a brief overview of any traumas I’ve experienced. I wrote each down and thought to my self ‘she’s going to think I’m so fucked up.’ But I had to be honest. If I feel any kind of judgment I can just leave, right?

Finally, the day came and I fussed over my outfit only to arrive and see myself in the elevator reflection thinking I look terrible.

I walked in the waiting room and it was full of natural light with hopeful messages all around. I didn’t know the etiquette here so I just sat down stayed off my phone and looked straight ahead. After a few moments my therapist came out and took me back.

We talked about her dogs (which are all huge and fluffyūüėć) as she looked over my paperwork. As I thought she said you’ve been through quiet alot for someone who’s only 26. I smiled and said yeah.

We talked a bit about my past traumas and other things. I was surprised I only cried twice, but it was painful opening up old wounds. Once it was over I didn’t feel any better. I was happy I got something’s off my chest but I didn’t feel hopeful. As soon as I left I went in my car and cried and just drove around town eating and I voted early. When I went home I just watched TV and drank. Not the best but it’s how I cope.

Even though I didn’t leave happy. but I wasn’t hopeless and when I was crying I didn’t spiral down the depression shoot. I went out, took a break and spent more time out than I usually would.

So that’s good, right?

Have any of you been the therapy? What’s your views on it.

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

When guys are younger they’re often taught if a girl says no to keep trying. That’s probably why we have men that don’t¬†quite understand what the word no means. Even if we don’t necessarily say no, if we don’t respond to your message then you […]

5 Ways Recharge Your Social Battery

5 Ways Recharge Your Social Battery

I like going out and laughing having it a good time, but sometimes just being around people is to much. It sounds crazy but if you’re introverted you get it. You just don’t have the social bug extroverts have but even the most social butterfly […]

Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home

Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home

Stress is one of the top killers in the world, it can lead to many more issues both mentally and physically. Hopefully, that intro didn’t stress you out more but helped you realize that you need to get it under control. It’s not always easy especially¬†if you worry a lot, but with a little help and a lot of laughs¬†you can get through it and manage your stress and finally, breathe.¬† Here’s how we’re going to do this

..::Ask Why are you stressed, and write it down::..

Document when you get stressed in a journal, who it all involves and how you can overcome it. Now that you armed yourself with this knowledge get in touch¬†with someone who can help you. If its a coworker harassing you talk to HR¬† and have them handle the situation. If it’s a stressful deadline quickly¬†approaching work out a time schedule that you can manage. Make sure you identify what stresses you out so you can deal with it properly.

..::Take a Break::.. 

Sometimes you just need a day off. I don’t recommend using all your vacation time at once but a nice 4 day weekend is a nice thing to look forward to. Just make sure you take time off as you see fit. Plan something that you enjoy, even leaving early on a Friday and meeting up with some friends for drinks is a nice break.

..::Leave Your Desk Every Once In A While::.. 

We sit down too far too long, get up every other hour or so and talk to your coworkers, get some water, stretch. Sitting at a desk all day every day gets dull, boring and your back starts to hurt. Try to move a little bit more every day.

..::Eat Well::..

This is just good overall. When you eat better you feel better and you look better, plus you don’t stress out about how bad you’ve been eating. It doesn’t have to be a big thing just a salad instead of fries and a wrap instead of a burrito¬†is all you need. Don’t forget healthy snacks.


..::Don’t Forget To Breathe::..

I can’t tell you how many times breathing saved me from getting fired. So many times I’ve been angry or frustrated and I had to go to the restroom and take ten deep breathes and think happy thoughts. That little break made me feel oh so much better and I handled the situation better. When you can take a minute to think about it, process it, breathe and then react. Break the instant stress cycle.

..:: Relieve Stress and Self Care::..

When you have those days off and the business is closed, practice relaxing self-care practices. Yoga, Meditation, and massages are my go to. Maybe your’s is shopping, kickboxing class, or binge-watching your favorite show whatever calms you down and makes you happy DO IT!


..::Turn off Your Phone::..

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder can wait. Take some alone time and enjoy the moment. There are so many studies that show how constantly being on social media can lead to depression and anxiety. I can speak to that, I felt so much better when I got off it for a while. I highly recommend a social media detox every once in a while to keep yourself sane.


..::Refocus On Your Goals::..

Create a vision board or plan a way to improve your life in anyway. If you’re feeling as if you’re not progressing work out a plan to get it done. Think about your underlying passion and goal and define it this alone can make you feel a lot better.



Mood Board: Be The Light

Mood Board: Be The Light

Over the past few days, like a week and some change, I have been in the worst mood. Like really bad, I’ve had negative¬†thoughts and have even turned some of those thoughts into actions. That’s not like me, it’s not the “me” I want to […]

The Skincare Commandments

The Skincare Commandments

When I was younger I had really bad acne and scarring. It was so embarrassing! I was the only one in my family that had it and couldn’t figure out how to cure it until I really paid attention to what I was doing to […]

Top 10 Ways To Practice Self Care

It’s about 4 months into the new year, how have¬†your year of self-care? We all get caught up in life and something or kinda fall off and forget. No worries I’m here to get you back on track here are some ways to get back on track.

Break Away From The Distractions – To fully focus on your self you need to lose your distractions like your phone, TV, and Laptop.


Take A Nap– Who else misses taking mid-day naps? Take a 15-minute nap it can do wonders for your mind.

Seize The Moment – Enjoy life to the fullest. With the weather warming up why not explore your city more? GO out and live.

Clean your room – Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day to a clean place. So edit your space. Toss anything that doesn’t bring you joy or doesn’t serve you like those jeans you had since high school.

Create Ambience– Set the scene for yourself. Go get flowers if they make you happy, run a bubble bath

Make Dinner – Cooking is calming and meditative and you get a tasty treat.

Meditate¬†– It’s calming, relaxing, and it helps you become one with yourself. Meditation is simple to start, take five minutes to read this article (here) and start your healing.

Go for a walk – immerse yourself in nature it stimulates your senses and restorative to your mind and mood.

Have a moment to Yourself – Set a ritual to look forward to waking up to – – like a meditating in bed or making your favorite breakfast.

Have a nightly ritual РHaving a relaxing bubble bath or a nice sip of wine to look forward to at the end of the day can make any day a bit more bearable, learn how to start on (here).

Simple things like this are a great way to take care of yourself. What are some ways you self-care?

Make The Best Of An Awful Situation

  I enjoy night over day. Days are too busy and hectic and filled with things to do and places to be. At night, however, its always about enjoyment or relaxation. Time goes by very smoothly and calmly at night you can really focus on […]