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To The Left, To The Left

To The Left, To The Left

When it comes to relationships even the longest standing can enter the danger zone when things get real. I’ve always been one to bite my tongue especially when it comes to friends. I rather just have you rant about your issues than to tell you […]

Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Sophia recently started dating Marcus about 3 weeks ago, they’ve already had some problems. Marcus is a phone freak meaning if you don’t respond in 5-10 minutes it’s an issue. This typically leads to a fight to the point where they won’t talk for days. Mellow […]

A Guide To Online Dating:  Lesson One Learn The Dating Profile

A Guide To Online Dating: Lesson One Learn The Dating Profile

Getting into the dating world is something no woman really wants to get back into dating. However, it’s a necessary evil if you’re looking for a relationship in this day.

I’ve been online dating for a while now while I met some good ones and even have had a few bad ones. I’m here to tell you the 6 kinds of guys you’ll run in to online.

The Paste Master

The message they send is a long paragraph laying out EVERYTHING. It makes you wonder how many times he’s sent this message out.

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The Good Time Boy

Only online for one thing. Not interested in even a friendship or much of a conversation, just in town for a night. As soon as you mention a relationship they’re out.

The Overachiever

So he slides in your dms talking about how you’re his queen he wants to marry you and all this jazz. Mind you this is all in the 1st message.

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Oldies Goldies

These are the old guys who still dress like soulja boy in 2003. That’s pretty much it.

Morning Wood

This is the guy who texts you good morning beautiful every morning yet he disappears for the rest of the day.

Baby Come Back: 3 Things To Consider Before You Give Him Another Try

Baby Come Back: 3 Things To Consider Before You Give Him Another Try

So, your ex has been all up and through your DM’s and on your phone telling you how much he misses you while drake plays in the background. You start remembering him and his D and think maybe I should try again? WAIT! Let’s think […]

5 ways to tell it’s not meant to be

  While relationships are fun, they’re not all made to last. Here are some easy ways to tell it’s going down. Cute texts stop/conversations. It was all heart eyes and selfies before but now it’s just the standard wyd. It doesn’t always have to be […]

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

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When guys are younger they’re often taught if a girl says no to keep trying. That’s probably why we have men that don’t quite understand what the word no means. Even if we don’t necessarily say no, if we don’t respond to your message then you probably should get the hint, we’re not interested.

I have a case like that… There’s a guy on Instagram that has been messaging me for about a year. I’ve responded once, once in a year it’s spilling over to the next year, I have not responded. It’s been so long and so many messages that I’ve received that Instagram deleted them now you only see his messages.

It’s almost creepy because he’s so persistent. Like if he messaged me then waited a year and messaged me again then it wouldn’t be as weird, but its almost every time I post a photo.

If you’re a guy (know a guy like this let me till you why girls don’t end up giving you a chance when you constantly message us like this.

  1. You’re weird, like are you watching my page or something?
  2. Is there some other reason why you’re messaging me? Do you have another motive?
  3. If I were actually to give you a chance what will happen? Are you going to constantly harass me every second? Will you be those crazy stalker boyfriends?
  4. What happens if I’m ready to leave but you don’t want to let go? Will I be dealing with you for the rest of my life?
  5. If you’re wondering why we don’t block, it’s not aggressive or rude and honestly when I see it I just ignore it and go about my day and forget all about it. Why not just tell him, why is not responding enough? Why do you consistently message me when I ignore you? Why can’t you get the hint and leave? Do I really need to go full bitch and tell you to leave, are you daft?

Yeah I could be a bit paranoid I am a fan of ID television, but these are real concerns. So fellas if a girl that is not responding to your messages just let her be, there are over 7 billion people online don’t obsess over one, especially if she’s not giving you the time of day.

Why I Don’t Kiss

You know that romantic scene in every romantic comedy movie where the two lovers who just recently met kiss passionately before the camera fades out? I was never into that. I never really cared about or gotten the concept of kissing. Most times I kiss […]

#MyLife: Old Habits Die Hard

You know that old saying “Old habits die hard” it’s a fact. I’ve been dealing with my toxic ex for 2 years post-breakup.The question on your and my mind is why? Well, I think we all know why. I sincerely care about the guy, I […]

How Negative Energy Kills You Physically

How Negative Energy Kills You Physically

Have you ever been around someone and just got a bad vibe? Like you walked into an empty alley and it sent chills down your spine? The little voice in your head that tells you when danger is near, It’s your intuition. It sends you subtle clues when to avoid a bad situation.

I’ve been working on getting in touch with my inner self because it’s the year of self-care. So I’m getting stricter about who and what I allow in my life, including people that give off a bad vibe. My one rule is “if I’m second guessing chilling with them I probably shouldn’t be.”

To give you an example of how toxic things can be. An old friend of mine mentioned they wanted to stop by while they visited the city. Let’s just say their tone wasn’t some much as a friendly “I want to see you again.” More of an “I’m coming so get ready.” As soon as I agreed to let them come over I regretted it. I began having negative thoughts and feelings infiltrating my once peaceful mind. Instead of finding joy in their visit, I was met with anger and depression.

When they started arguing over a message I didn’t respond to,  I was done. They were obviously an ill-spirit and to let them into my space would be unwise, just the thought of them coming made me feel unsure of myself. They brought up some old feelings and memories that tore at my esteem and rattled me to the core.

I decided my spirit was not in a place to take their negative aura so I declined the visit. I knew my sanctuary was more important than seeing them.

You have to remember to put yourself first even if it hurts or is not pleasant. You need to kill unnecessary negative vibes. Life brings enough of them without your “friends” adding more.

Let that shit go…