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Learn How To Over Power Your Bad Thoughts & Reclaim Your Happiness

Learn How To Over Power Your Bad Thoughts & Reclaim Your Happiness

I have a really bad habit of replaying bad and negative events that have happened in my life. No matter if it’s from high school or last week my brain just loves to watch old movies. Every time one of those thoughts come up I […]

On The Path Of Life Instead I’m Turning Left

On The Path Of Life Instead I’m Turning Left

For a long time, as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to fit a mold. I wanted to be how everyone else was or thought I should look like. It was al I knew. When I was growing up it was in a “traditional” […]

Cancel My Postmates Order, Sir We’re Through

Cancel My Postmates Order, Sir We’re Through

I used to have a guy that I used for delivery dick services. I don’t have to sugar coat with you if you’re familiar with off4thandgraham.com. But we were in relations for a while.

I had no issues with him. We were involved for a little over a year, even though we had no relationship (I couldn’t tell you his last name) we were just having fun. I have to say he had me quite spoiled. Honestly if you had someone who you could just call when you want it and then send him on his way, if you’re not particularly looking for anything serious (which I’m not) it’s nice.

He recently moved to Atlanta and was recently up her for a visit. I wasn’t in the mood but seeing how I’ve been a recluse lately I was like why not. So he came over and we did the do and I was not satisfied. I mean he was trying he really was but I wasn’t buying it.

After we (well he was) done I rolled over and got back on my phone and continued watching the Simpsons. I was disappointed that I subjected myself to that.

I won’t do the typical slam but I was usually drunk when I did it ( I was in a really dark place )but I was pretty sober when he came over. My hair was wet I just finished exfoliating and a mask and just started drinking and thought what the hell.

So after this revelation of me deserving better and not even in that cave anymore. I simply blocked his number, no need to have a long with a dick appointment honey.

My 1st Time In Therapy

My 1st Time In Therapy

Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am. I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. […]

5 ways to tell it’s not meant to be

  While relationships are fun, they’re not all made to last. Here are some easy ways to tell it’s going down. Cute texts stop/conversations. It was all heart eyes and selfies before but now it’s just the standard wyd. It doesn’t always have to be […]

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

Sir, You’re Not Persistent You’re Creepy

cc: instagram:artist_united

When guys are younger they’re often taught if a girl says no to keep trying. That’s probably why we have men that don’t quite understand what the word no means. Even if we don’t necessarily say no, if we don’t respond to your message then you probably should get the hint, we’re not interested.

I have a case like that… There’s a guy on Instagram that has been messaging me for about a year. I’ve responded once, once in a year it’s spilling over to the next year, I have not responded. It’s been so long and so many messages that I’ve received that Instagram deleted them now you only see his messages.

It’s almost creepy because he’s so persistent. Like if he messaged me then waited a year and messaged me again then it wouldn’t be as weird, but its almost every time I post a photo.

If you’re a guy (know a guy like this let me till you why girls don’t end up giving you a chance when you constantly message us like this.

  1. You’re weird, like are you watching my page or something?
  2. Is there some other reason why you’re messaging me? Do you have another motive?
  3. If I were actually to give you a chance what will happen? Are you going to constantly harass me every second? Will you be those crazy stalker boyfriends?
  4. What happens if I’m ready to leave but you don’t want to let go? Will I be dealing with you for the rest of my life?
  5. If you’re wondering why we don’t block, it’s not aggressive or rude and honestly when I see it I just ignore it and go about my day and forget all about it. Why not just tell him, why is not responding enough? Why do you consistently message me when I ignore you? Why can’t you get the hint and leave? Do I really need to go full bitch and tell you to leave, are you daft?

Yeah I could be a bit paranoid I am a fan of ID television, but these are real concerns. So fellas if a girl that is not responding to your messages just let her be, there are over 7 billion people online don’t obsess over one, especially if she’s not giving you the time of day.

#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

Every fall or so I like to reset myself. Whether I’m taking time for my mental or physical health. This is hibernation is for both. Like I said in a previous post my mental health has been tested, you guys. I’m looking sleep and I’m […]

Mood Board: Be The Light

Mood Board: Be The Light

Over the past few days, like a week and some change, I have been in the worst mood. Like really bad, I’ve had negative thoughts and have even turned some of those thoughts into actions. That’s not like me, it’s not the “me” I want to […]

Top 10 Ways To Practice Self Care

It’s about 4 months into the new year, how have your year of self-care? We all get caught up in life and something or kinda fall off and forget. No worries I’m here to get you back on track here are some ways to get back on track.

Break Away From The Distractions – To fully focus on your self you need to lose your distractions like your phone, TV, and Laptop.


Take A Nap– Who else misses taking mid-day naps? Take a 15-minute nap it can do wonders for your mind.

Seize The Moment – Enjoy life to the fullest. With the weather warming up why not explore your city more? GO out and live.

Clean your room – Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day to a clean place. So edit your space. Toss anything that doesn’t bring you joy or doesn’t serve you like those jeans you had since high school.

Create Ambience– Set the scene for yourself. Go get flowers if they make you happy, run a bubble bath

Make Dinner – Cooking is calming and meditative and you get a tasty treat.

Meditate – It’s calming, relaxing, and it helps you become one with yourself. Meditation is simple to start, take five minutes to read this article (here) and start your healing.

Go for a walk – immerse yourself in nature it stimulates your senses and restorative to your mind and mood.

Have a moment to Yourself – Set a ritual to look forward to waking up to – – like a meditating in bed or making your favorite breakfast.

Have a nightly ritual – Having a relaxing bubble bath or a nice sip of wine to look forward to at the end of the day can make any day a bit more bearable, learn how to start on (here).

Simple things like this are a great way to take care of yourself. What are some ways you self-care?

#MyLife: Old Habits Die Hard

You know that old saying “Old habits die hard” it’s a fact. I’ve been dealing with my toxic ex for 2 years post-breakup.The question on your and my mind is why? Well, I think we all know why. I sincerely care about the guy, I […]