Stripless In The City

Sex & Relationships

Dating is a great way to meet people, explore the city, and find what you like and don’t like in a partner. More often than not you find what you don’t like. Scarlett just finally had time after a long day to rest with a glass of red wine at her local bar. She’d been […]


A little Bare or Full Bush

Culture, Opinions

Since the 90’s it was pretty common for women to shave. It wasn’t normal/common before, but now it’s almost weird if you don’t. I’m not a huge shaver, it’s nothing political. I’m not taking a stance against the patriarchy with my pubic hair, I’m just lazy. If no one is going down there, why should […]


I’ll Do Anything For Love, But Not That

Sex & Relationships

When it comes to the world of dating it’s hard to really know what you are. One minute you think it’s going somewhere and there’s a chance then it knocks you back ten paces. Adrian is a blast from the past. We met up in high school and rekindled our relationship years later. I thought […]


My Top 10 Safety Dating Tips

Sex & Relationships

 Dating is fun. I mean is there a better thrill than finding someone to go on adventures with? Especially when they just get you.  But everything isn’t a Hallmark movie where everything is perfect and the bad guy is as obvious as his bad dye job. They seem so sweet up until they’re not. It’s […]


Why Be Me When I Can Be Someone Else?

Sex & Relationships

Sophia recently started dating Marcus about 3 weeks ago, they’ve already had some problems. Marcus is a phone freak meaning if you don’t respond in 5-10 minutes it’s an issue. This typically leads to a fight to the point where they won’t talk for days. Mellow dramatic for a 40-year-old man, but we all know mature […]


Are We Set on Settling?

Sex & Relationships

I love hearing old stories of how people fall in love and got together. The happy ones, where men used to court women. Sending flowers, talking on the phone all night, the 3 dates before a kiss. The love you see in old Audrey Hepburn movies. I know love and people have changed just like […]