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The Reason Why Wireless Bras Are Trouble

Wireless bras are crazy comfortable. They are the soft cups we love and we enjoy so much but, they rarely come in our size (DD’s up).

The reason we have trouble is the fact most wireless bras have soft cups. Soft cups don’t have enough structure to hold our girls up and give them a pretty shape. So instead of giving us good shape and support they just leave us hanging (literally).

Not having good support especially when it comes to bustier girls can cause us to have bad posture and back and shoulder pain. Not to mention it can cause our breast to lose shape a lot faster and premature sagging.

But we still want to be comfortable. No one wants a super structured bra all of the time.

Go For Bralettes

Bralette, Larger Chest, Busty
Black & Light Pink Floral Underwire Bralette (Torrid)

I know you think that bralettes aren’t the thing for us but you’d be wrong. If you’re not too concerned about shape then a bralette is a perfect option.


Cotton Crossover Sleep & Leisure Bra (Leading Lady)


Look for ones with a thick band to give you minimal support and keep your breast off of you, keep it with cotton and spandex. I wouldn’t do lace because I don’t find it strong enough to hold up anything.

Le Mystere Sophia Lace Bralette (Soma)

There’s also some with underwire if you just want a little less cup and a sexier bra. There’s one on that I’ve had my eye one forever.


Bandeaus are also a good option and offers a minimizing effect as a bonus but not optimal for support but a good option. Don’t go for the ones you see at old navy for like 5 dollars because the material isn’t strong enough. Look for thicker fabric

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Top 4 Bras Every Busty Girl Needs

Being a busty girl is no easy task. From back pain to attempting to get a button down top to close properly it boggles my mind to think why any girl would want to trade in a C for double D’s.  I’ve been a busty girl since middle school and I think I’m finally getting a hang of them (assuming they don’t grow anymore). I’ve found a few bras that every girl needs in her wardrobe to make your clothes look a little less boobalicious.

1. A Minimizing Bra- Believe it or not such a thing exists. Typically unlined these bras help bring the girls in and helps the clothes lay flat. It’s a bit shocking how much they bring you in. When I first wore mine I almost laughed at how flat my chested looked! These bras are great under a button down tops and anytime you want to wear a more relaxed fit top.

2. The Boulder Holder – Every girl needs a little support, especially during the workday. Look for bras with a good thick sturdy underwire. This type of bra is good for everyday wear. My favorite is the stunning support @ soma, it brings me in and lifts the girls I never have back pain wearing this bra.

3. A comfortable Bra- Let’s get real here, sometimes you don’t care about the bra you just want it to be comfortable and to get your boobs off your stomach. I personally love an underwire non-molded (bras without shaped cups) bra. This type of bra does nothing for the look of the breast. Avoid non-underwire bras if you’re above a DD. Underwires help distribute your weight and relieves the strain on the shoulders and the back. You also won’t have to worry about your boobs sliding underneath the bra or boob sweat.

4. The Cleavage bra. Sometimes it works to have big boobs embrace your boobage and learn to love them! Get you a nice bra that emphasizes your blessing and gives you ample cleavage! Wear this on a fun night on the town with the girls and get some free drinks! Look for bras with deeper cleavage and minimal padding