Sugaring: The Newest Natural Form Of Hair Removal

Sugaring: The Newest Natural Form Of Hair Removal

If you’re familiar or do any type of hair removal then you’ve experienced waxing before whether it be a Brazilian or eyebrows. I feel like once we’re around the age of 15 you try something. With new techniques coming out every day it’s nice to know that there’s a more natural way to remove hair, such as sugaring.


Also called Persian Waxing, its the process of melting sugar, water and lemon, Applying it to the skin like you would wax then removing the hair. The process can last up to 3-6 weeks depending on your own hair growth cycle.

Considering the fact that sugaring doesn’t remove the top layer of live skin it is seen as a gentler option. People also enjoy sugaring as opposed to traditional waxing because it’s all natural. You can make the “wax” a home and if there’s anything is left over on the skin you can simply rinse it off with water.

How Does Compare to Traditional Waxing?

When it comes to traditional waxes both practices removes the hair at the root. Traditional wax needs to be heated to extremely hot temperatures and can lead to skin burning. Sugaring is applied at body heat, so it prevents any discomfort. Waxing removes the very first layer of skin, which is why it can lead to extra pain. With traditional wax, the hair can be snapped in half because the wax doesn’t fully coat the strain. Sugaring the hair can be much shorter. Lastly, if the wax is left on you often time have to use oils or other methods to remove the wax. With sugaring you mainly have to take a shower, that’s it.

Jam of dandelion (dandelion honey) and components for it`s preparation.

Does It Hurt Worst Than Waxing?

I always say pain is subjective. It’s all in your mind honestly. If you psych yourself out over anything it’ll be way less than expected. If you’re looking for something a bit more gentle you probably should look more into depilatory lotion such as Nair.

When it comes to sugaring vs waxing. Instead of using resin, dyes, and preservatives. Sugaring is all natural, helps your skin look lighter ( no dark armpits) and you can do at home. It’s been used for years and I’m surprised that it’s just now making its way in the US. Would you ever try it?

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