Successfully Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

Successfully Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship
Friends With Benefits

There is something both comforting and nerve-racking about having a friend that you can have relations with but still keep your independence. I think we’ve all been in a friends with benefits situation when we have slept with a friend but don’t necessarily want it to go further than that. I know I have had a few, and even though it can be murky it’s probably one of the coolest relationships that I have. Let me explain.

What IS A Friend With Benefits?

For the pure-minded amongst us, a friend with benefit is someone you have sex with, with no real intentions of getting serious with. It’s not a booty-call deal because you have a friendship and you can see each other out in public, but it’s just something for fun.

Don’t stop dating.

This is the one that a lot of people forget about and is why they end up getting upset. You typically feel a closeness to this person and you want to see where it can go. It happens because you’re not really entertaining anyone else. So you get wrapped up, you have to kind of understand that this isn’t really something made to last.

Keep the visits short and fun

You can either love it or hate it but it’s way more fun if you just let your inhibitions go with the wind. I will say don’t go on a long romantic vacation with whoever is your ‘friend’ it again can stir up some emotions that you don’t necessarily need.

Be Up Front And Honest

This should go without saying if you just want to sleep with someone tell them in a polite manner, or just let it happen naturally. If it’s something that you would like to continue then tell the person afterward you really enjoyed the night and would like it to happen again.

Friends With Benefits

Jealousy Free Zone

So you remember in rule one how I said you should keep dating. They should date as well. It’s human nature to feel some type of way but you can’t act on these feelings. You agreed to this remember and you should be dating as well. So keep your composure, if you can’t then you should just end it.

When it comes to friends with benefits relationship treat it like a nice summer vacation. Enjoy it while you can but at some point, it will end and it was nice while it lasted. You’ll leave with some good stories and in some cases, it just might turn in to something real..but most likely not. And if you do want something more serious you’re free to pursue it.

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