Stripless In The City

Stripless In The City

Dating is a great way to meet people, explore the city, and find what you like and don’t like in a partner. More often than not you find what you don’t like.

Scarlett just finally had time after a long day to rest with a glass of red wine at her local bar. She’d been single for close to a year now and grew tired of constantly going home to an empty apartment.

Thus the reason she’s out. Sipping her wine she makes eyes with a dark-haired man across the bar smiling at her. She sweetly smiled back lowering her glass as the man sauntered over.

They exchanged pleasantries and talked well into the evening. Scarlett started thinking that this was the end of her lonely nights When he asked for her number she quickly put it into his phone.


She goes upstairs and rushes to the phone to call her friend. She must let her know the dry spell is almost over!

“Elle, I’ve finally found someone I’m slightly interested in.” Scarlett sang.

“Really? The ice queen has a heart?” Elle dryly asked

Ignoring her Scarlett continues. “He’s tall, well dressed, Brazilian, gorgeous hazel eyes….”

“What’s his name?”

“Eric. Eric Salazar. ” Scarlett sighs.

“No. Oh, God. No. Delete his number now. ” Elle demanded.

“Why? Do you know him?”

“That’s the guy who tried to jump off of the building a few weeks ago. ” Elle explained.

“Wait, what?” Scarlett said confused 

“Oh yes!” Elle exclaimed. “He was blind stinkin’ drunk threatening to end it all because some girl didn’t return his messages. He’s psycho. “

Scarlett was at a loss for words. “He was so charming when I met him.”

“Yeah, that’s how they getcha’.”

“Well, thanks for letting me know. I guess”

“No problem girl.”

Scarlett hung up the phone and curled up on the couch. Blindly staring at the TV. Then her phone buzzed. Eric had sent her a text message.


“It was great meeting you tonight.” He wrote.

Suddenly she was filled with remorse. “Now I have to deal with this guy.” she thought.

“Nice meeting you too.”

“I would love to see you again. There’s a strip club that I love to go to. “He responded.

Seriously, did he really just say that? She thought as she reread the message.

“That’s not really my scene.”

“Don’t worry no actual strippers will be there..”

No strippers at a strip club. Really? She rolled her eyes and blocked his number not bothering to respond. She sighs and beings to wonder if there any worth wild men out there that you don’t have to fix? Her puppy Pepper hops up and snuggles besides her. Scarlett smiles and remembers there’s always tomorrow and there’s always another guy. 

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