Skin Care Tips You Need To “Unlearn” From Instagram

Skin Care Tips You Need To “Unlearn” From Instagram

Instagram has become a mecca of misinformation. A lot of it is beauty gurus who unfortunately didn’t take the time out to educate themselves on proper skincare so they do a lot of trendy gimmicky posts for views and likes and pass it off as facts when its FICTION! I’m here to debunk a few of the little white lies they’ve told you.

You Need An Extensive (& Expensive) Skin Care Routine

A lot of times you’ll go on a YouTubers page or bloggers blog and they either have crazy expensive ingredients or they’ll have crazy expensive items for really no reason. If you can afford higher-end items and want to get something expensive, go for it. But you really only need a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. That’s it, anything else is extra.

Sheet masks Are Needed W/ A Derma Roller

Derma Rollers are for hyperpigmentation. They’re covered in needles to “trigger” the healing process of the skin and fight against hyperpigmentation. There’s just no point in doing it over a sheet mask, it doesn’t help penetrate the serum or anything. It’s just pointless.

Makeup Wipes Cleanse The Skin

This is something a bit more personal than a rule but doesn’t use makeup wipes to cleanse the skin. They don’t cleanse they wipe the makeup around and are terrible for the environment because they don’t biodegrade. A cleansing balm or makeup removing oil on a reusable cloth works or on your hands is just fine. Then use an actual cleanser to wash and rinse your face.

You Can DIY All Your Skin Care

Can you make your own all natural skincare products? Ofcourse. Can you find it all in your kitchen? No. When you find things like cirtus in your skincare products they’ve been formulated to go on the skin, so items that are made for food, don’t neccessarily have good ingredients for your skin. So take DIY skincare with a grain off salt and please be careful.

Again guys this is all my opinion on skincare, if something works for you fine, live your best life. These are just some tips I think need a bit of tweaking with the exception of makeup wipes, I hate those.

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