Sir, Please Don’t Stalk Me

Sir, Please Don’t Stalk Me

Recently i was presented with a unusual experience, at least unusual to me. I was at work when a solicitor came in to my store asking for a donation to help sick kids. I was just talking about how I wanted to do some good in the world so i was ready to donate. Unfortunately they wanted to store my Credit card information on file and I wasn’t comfortable with it so i decline. The young man (no I do not know his name) was friendly enough and had very large personality. i’m polite by nature so we chatted a bit then he left. I thought nothing more of the situation. A few days later he comes back in to my store just to talk, my co workers and I thought it was weird but paid no mind to it.

He then decides to come in two more time for non business related reasons. The last time he comes in and shouts very loudly “Where’s my girlfriend at?” Nobody there is his girlfriend. Nobody there knows who he is. He proceeded to ask out this one girl that I work with and she just looked at me like what to do. I told him very bluntly she had a boyfriend. The conversation was short and I made sure him and his posse got the weird vibe I was giving. He left out again saying he needs a girlfriend. Everyone has a side eye. His next visit he came strolling in for no reason. This time there was no sma ll talk. I told him straight up don’t keep coming in here for no reason. He looked hurt. Sad even but I didn’t re-engaged. Hopefully I haven’t woken up a serious stalker, you know how some men can get when you stop being nice. Which is sad seeing how I have to be on full bitch mode in order for men to no take a smile as something flirtatious. Girl’s look out.

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