Single Chronicles: Is It Me, Or Is It You?

Living, Sex & Relationships / Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Is it that all the good men are gone or is dating getting old? When I was younger and just started dating I thoroughly enjoyed being single. I went out on dates and embraced the single life. After I got out of my last ‘real’ relationship and was out on the dating scene it’s not doing it for me.

Now I’m not saying that I miss my ex or even I really want a relationship right now. What I’m saying the dating here in Charlotte probably has the dullest dating scene here. There’s so many man hoes (guys that just want to hook up as soon as you message back) out here it’s not even shocking anymore.

It’s as if that now that I’m older. I’m no longer really willing to talk endlessly. If we click then great but its something that would need alot of work then no. Me having this no fuss mentality. Anyone else feeling like this? Is dating in your late twenties just a snooze fest or is it just getting old?