Should You Work Out Or Rest *Quiz*

Should You Work Out Or Rest *Quiz*

I am one of those weird people who enjoy working out. Although I do enjoy enjoy it some days I’m exhausted from work, or just plain dont feel like it. But sometimes you got to do what it do baby. If I’m ever torn between resting or working out, I ask my self a series of questions to figure out which way I want to go.

When was the last time you worked out?

  • A. Yesterday
  • B. A Month Ago
  • C. Never

Have You Reached Your Goal Body?

  • A. Yes I’m maintaining
  • B. Almost There
  • C. Define ‘reach’

How Tired Are You?

  • A.I’m Work Tired( I just want to lay around)
  • B. I need a nap but I could go out.
  • C. Not tired just dont feel like it.

How Active Were You Today?

  • A. I pretty much moved all day today. ( took a hike or dance class)
  • B. I moved a good bit. ( I walked around for lunch, not much else)
  • C. I sat at lunch all day but I did walk to the breakroom!

How Often Have You Worked Out This Week?

  • A. 3-5 days
  • B. Once
  • C. I didn’t

Mostly A’s – it’s ok to take a rest if you need to, everyone needs one day

Mostly B’s – You’ll feel alot better if you do, plus you’re so close to your goal. Don’t give up!

Mostly C’s – I get you’re tired and unmotivated but you gotta suck it up buttercup. Change doesnt happen by doing nothing.

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