Should You Take Sheet Masks Off Your Self-care List?

Should You Take Sheet Masks Off Your Self-care List?

Sheet masks have become a staple of self-care. They are a quick pick me up after a long day and are great for a self moment, although I haven’t gotten the perfect picture. Something that always made me wonder about sheet masks is 1. Are they that effective? 2, This sheet doesn’t seem like it’s biodegradable. I decided to dig a little deeper, to answer these questions.

First things first, Are they really effective?

Sheet masks aren’t really any more effective than applying the serum to your face. It is noted that most masks do help hydrate the skin and deposit beneficial ingredients into the skin thanks to butylene glycol. This ingredient is a delivery agent to help those ingredients go deeper into the skin. You’re mainly just getting the main ingredients, the first couple that is listed, everything after that is just fluff. However, with a serum, they still penetrate the skin deeper and you’re getting a more concentrated version of the product. If you use the product (serum) daily you’ll see the same results, you’d have to use a sheet mask every day if you want to see lasting results with a sheet mask as well. Much like everything in life you have to be consistent with anything to see change, so if I have to use a product regularly either why not use a concentrated version that still penetrates the skin as opposed to a fluffier version that is also wasteful?

Next, Are They Environmentally Safe?

This was always the biggest thing for me. There has to be an environment friendly sheet mask right? I don’t think that there can be, just in the packaging the mask itself is submerged in serum and other super hydrating products and if its not disintegrating or at least tearing when you peel it apart how long does it really take to break down? Luckily according to Nylon most sheet masks are made of cotton, which does biodegrade in 5 months. The packaging however is plastic on plastic and aluminum which take 5000 years to degrade or doesn’t degrade at all (aluminum). Using these packets 4/5 times a week can really add up. Why cause all this waste for a product that is real just a piece of cotton drenched in serum and other preservatives that does little to help the skin out side of a serum or moisturizer that give you multiple uses and a reusable container?

In the grand scheme of things is your sheet mask going to cause the end of the world before the toxic corporations? Probably not. But why not look for greener alternatives in skincare. Buying a simple hydrating mask not only gives your skin better ingredients ( not to be a skin-snob but how good can a 2 dollar mask be?) you can use it longer and more regularly as opposed to a one and done mask.

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